Burnout Sucks!

The overworking, the need to prove your worth, the exhaustion, the overwhelm, the pushing, and, initially, the denial that anything is even wrong.

And then, when you acknowledge and accept that yes, you are at Burnout, you feel like a failure, you don't feel you can trust yourself, anymore, your confidence reaches rock bottom, your self-belief has run out the door, and you don't know what to do next, which way to turn, or even how to make a decision.

I get it! And, I know there is a way through. Which is why I designed the Burnout Recovery Method.

Burnout Takes A Long Time To Take Hold

And you can't just think your way out of it, trust me, I tried!

I can take from where you are, to a renewed sense of confidence, self-belief and purpose, with clarity on who you are, and where you want to go next, in just ten sessions. 

Using my Three To Thrive method, you'll work on your physiology to remove the stress and trauma of Burnout from your body.  You'll remove unhelpful and repeating patterns and beliefs from your conscious and subconscious mind, and you'll rewire these with new, positive, helpful behaviours and beliefs that will help you break free of the Burnout cycle.

This is the programme that I wish I had had to help me from Burnout, twice.  I have researched, learned, studied, created, recreated and tried and tested this methodology a lot over the last 8 years, and I know this works.  I've even walked over fire to find ways to shift our physiology quickly, and whilst you won't be doing that, you will be doing things differently because you need to break the patterns that have gotten you to Burnout.

If you're ready to regain control of your busy life and say goodbye to Burnout, book your assessment call, and let's see if we'd be a match in working together.


Tell Me More

What's involved?

Starting with a two hour deep dive session, we'll explore what got you to where you are, and why, who you are, who you're not, where you want to be, and what you want to change.  We'll start to shift your physiology, and your beliefs, get you sleeping better, and prepare you for the next 9 sessions.

We'll then work together for up to 90 minutes over 9 sessions, with you doing some additional work in between, where you'll really reconnect your mind and body, let go of the stress of the Burnout, and create sustainable changes for the future.

Ten sessions from now, you'll have clarity on who you are, who you're not, where you want to be, what you want to create, what success looks like for you, what needs to change, and an action plan for the future.  You'll be more confident, you'll have renewed self-belief, and perhaps most important of all, you'll know deeply who you are, and the boundaries you need in place, and you'll be prioritising time for yourself from now on.

Burnout is tough, I know, I've been there twice, and I've done the work to ensure that you can come through the other side as quickly as possible.

If you're prepared to do the work, then expect incredible results.

Your investment for the Burnout Recovery Method is £5000 plus VAT.


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