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The world of work isn't working

You know that things can't carry on like this

You're doing everything you can to create a better place to work for you, your team, and your people, but let's face it, you're always having to jump through hoops to get buy-in and it's exhausting and frustrating

Your leaders are overwhelmed and exhausted and they aren't leading effectively. They've been in crisis mode since 2020 and it's taking its toll

People are missing effective leadership, clarity, direction, and support

Your organisation is becoming toxic, and damaging to health and Burnout is on the rise

 It's time for something new

Are you ready to change the world of work?

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If you answer YES to any of the below, then here's the good news, you're in the right place!

  • Your leaders aren't providing the leadership, clarity, and direction that's needed
  • Burnout is on the rise and workplace wellbeing feels like a tick-box exercise
  • You know you have what it takes to create the change that's needed, but you can't do it alone
  • You feel chaotic, out of control, and directionless
  • You need someone in your corner to help and guide you, to listen, and to help you shape your ideas into something fabulous
  • You can see so clearly what needs to be done, but when you say it, people look at you like you're
  • Everything is a priority but no real progress is being made
  • You want to make a serious impact

It's your time to shine!

I know what it takes to have the courage to show up, speak up, and create an impact that enables people to come before profits and performance.

I know what it takes to be a high-performing people-focused leader.

I know the difference that it makes to your entire organisation when you can influence, inspire, and lead incredible change.

And I know the impact that Burnout has on your life, your people, and your organisation when it strikes.

The Changemakers are the ones changing the world of work for the better, and I'm here to help you create the change that's needed?

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"Kelly is inspirational, determined and delivers. Don't work with Kelly unless you really want to achieve your outcomes or dreams as she will not let you give up. No-nonsense, strategic, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Kelly. "

Jo Thresher

What's included?

An energising, power-full in-person two-day strategic kick-off event where on day one you will Power Up and on day two you'll create your Changemaker strategy (usually charged at £5000 plus VAT)

 Monthly 2-hour group Zoom

Your very own Changemaker plan designed with me one-to-one 

A 12-month programme to help you, your team, and your organisation to thrive

12 monthly one-to-one coaching sessions with me (usually charged at £7500 +vat)

Plus FREE access to my membership community with twice weekly coaching calls and two expert masterclasses a month plus a growing library of resources

Plus two additional in-person days (also live streamed) to share, grow, collaborate, network, and accelerate growth (usually charged at £5000 plus VAT)

PLUS book by 15th June 2024 and receive a two-hour one-to-one coaching session with me before starting the academy (usually £2500 plus VAT)

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You want in right?

Well, that's not all!!

As well as creating a programme that works, I have helped hundreds of high-performing HR and People Leaders from around the world to transform themselves and their workplaces for the better.

The Changemakers Academy is designed to provide the community that so many high-performing changemakers are lacking.

You will get the training, coaching, and support needed to help you thrive, you'll have one-to-one access with me every single month to focus completely on you, plus you'll be on this empowering, energising, and exciting journey with other high-performing changemakers all striving for the same goal!

Here's the programme outline

4th and 5th September 2024, the two-day kick-off event starts the Changemaker Academy with a bang.

On day one, it's the ultimate empowerment event to get you motivated in a new mindset and ready to create BIG change.

On day two you'll learn more about the role of the Changemaker. We'll look at the results of the pre-question survey that you'll have completed testing the current state of your organisation and identifying what success will look like for you and your people.

You'll understand and make plans for any barriers to change.

And, you'll create the first of your 90-day goals before we go into your PPV, that's Plans, Picture and Vision.

Oh, and fun. You'll have fun. But shhhhh, don't tell anyone!

In our first online Masterclass on 26th September, you'll learn what the Anti-Burnout Workplace is, what it isn't, and how to start shaping the way you think, speak, and act to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace for you and your people.

Understanding how the brain works and why you and your peers and colleagues think and feel the way they do is what we'll cover in this Masterclass on 31st October.

You'll understand how to change mindsets, why change is often slow to implement, why fear impacts our ability to think clearly and creatively, and simple ways that you can ensure success in your organisation.

This Masterclass on November 28th explores how the three elements of your culture; language, relationships and behaviours, can help and hinder the creation of happy, healthy, and high-performing Anti-Burnout Workplaces.

You'll understand how to spot the signs of high-performing healthy workplaces, along with toxicity, both of which can spread rapidly across your organisation through your people and how to implement change quickly and effectively when needed.

Conversations that provide solutions and allow your people to feel heard and seen can be the ultimate game changer for you, your people, and the success of your organisation.

That's where coaching conversations come into play.

When coaching conversations are used in the right way, and at the right time, you'll be creating a happy, healthy, high-performing workplace in no time.

This is what we're covering in our Masterclass on 12th December.

Don't be put off by the name of this session, it's more magical than it sounds!

In this Masterclass on January 23rd, you're going to learn five questions that can create an enormous impact on the health, happiness, and high performance of your people.

And, you are going to ask these questions of these people in readiness for our next in-person day together so that you can create actionable steps and improvements to create more of the magic in the right way for you and your people.

On February 6th we'll come together in person (also live-streamed and available on replay) to discuss your Engagement Workshop results, group coaching, and the first draft of your strategy presentations in readiness for your graduation in September 2025.

Everyone thinks they're a great listener, but if that's the case why do so many of our people feel unheard?

We're putting listening to the test and developing your skills as well as helping you to test and improve listening in your organisation with your peers and colleagues in this Masterclass on February 27th.

Wouldn't more time and energy to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace be wonderful?

Well, there's no magic wand, but, in this Masterclass on March 27th, you're going to learn exactly how to create more time and energy to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace for you and your people.


Happy, healthy, and high-performing workplaces need input and involvement from everyone in the organisation, and we'll be taking the Culture Code even deeper in this Masterclass on April 24th to help you ensure the successful implementation of change in your organisation.

You'll learn how effective collaborations, connections, and community make change easy in creating a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace.

People start to create boundaries and we're told that they're quietly quitting.

What if boundaries and breakthroughs could be the secret ingredient to organisational success, effective leadership, clear and concise communication, trust, psychological safety, and did I mention high performance?

In this Masterclass on May 22nd you'll be learning all about the secret sauce of boundaries and breakthroughs and how to use them to your advantage for success.

If you want to create an impact, you need to be able to influence, and the same is true for every single one of the people in your organisation.

But, what do you mean by impact, how can you influence effectively to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace and how do you stop everything from landing on your shoulders when it comes to implementing change?

On the 5th June in the Impact and Influence Masterclass you'll be learning this and more.


Wait a minute, haven't you been learning this since the start of the programme?

You've got all of the foundations and building bricks that you need to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace, and you'll have been implementing successful changes over the last few months, and now it's time to measure the success, and create your own definition of happiness, health and high-performance in readiness for the next PPV (plan, picture and vision) for the future.

There's no way to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace without your people.

To ensure that your people come first, it's time to make sure that you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.  And that's what you'll be covering in this final Masterclass of the Changemaker Academy on September 11th.

On September 26th we'll come together for a full day of celebration, starting with your PPV for the next 12 months, and then we will party!

Because it's graduation day!

You'll complete your presentation to show just how far you've come, the changes you've made for yourself and your people, and your plans for the future, and then we'll say farewell and good luck - you'll be a CHANGEMAKER!! 


The world of work isn't working.

Burnout is on the rise and is harming your people and damaging your business

The Changemaker Academy will change that and help you create your Anti-Burnout Workplace AKA a happy, healthy, high-performing workplace.

By the end of this 12-month programme, you will have a clear, actionable, and measurable and bespoke Changemaker plan and strategy to change the world of work for you, your people, and your organisation.

This isn't another HR thing that becomes an extra thing to do. 

This is how you are going to create change, real change, for you, your people, and your organisation in a way that sits at the heart of your People Strategy.

Hi, I'm Kelly ...

... a leading Coach, Speaker, and Author in the world of HR, Organisational Change and Development, and Burnout.

I work with HR and People Leaders, Boards, and Executive teams, in doing things differently, ripping up the rulebook and changing the world of work for them and their people.

I created The Changemakers Academy for those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world of work.

The Changemaker Academy brings together 25 years of HR and Organisational Change experience with Psychology, Executive and Transformational Coaching, Neuroscience, my 10 years of Burnout expertise, and my passion for changing the world of work for the better.

Think you've got what it takes to be a Changemaker?

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What's The Cost Of Burnout?

Burnout is the OUTCOME of something more deep-rooted that is happening in your organisation and it's most likely to impact your most engaged, high-performing high achievers, the people you rely on the most
When Burnout strikes it could result in 3-6 months off work 
If your people return after their absence, and it's a BIG if, Burnout can take upwards of three years to recover from
If they leave, you lose their skills, knowledge, and capabilities.
Plus, you could be looking at costs of £30,000 to replace them, and that's just the impact of one person reaching Burnout.
Burnout is preventable when we change the world of work for the better
Are you ready to create something new?

"Ok, I want in!

What's the investment?"

You get everything listed above valued at over £25,000 for just

£7500.00 + VAT

or 10 payments of £750.00 + VAT 

When you consider that the minimum cost of Burnout to your organisation is £30,000, plus up to 6 months of sickness absence, that's a phenomenal ROI in anyone's books!

  • This is an exclusive programme for the true Changemakers and only opens once a year
  • Places are limited to¬†just 20 in the next cohort and if you book before June 15th you'll secure a bonus two-hour strategy call with me before the two-day¬†kick-off event
  • Places are only available following a successful application and discovery call to ensure that you're a fit for the programme and the programme is a fit for you
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"Self development, fun and learning. Pushing my boundaries too"

Senior Manager

"I've laughed, I've cried, and I've been challenged. I've challenged others, but mostly I've met some very fabulous, phenomenal leaders who are equally as fired up as I am now"

Leadership Disruptor

"Thank you just doesn't seem enough"

HR Consultant

Ready to secure your spot on the next Changemaker Academy?

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