All The Tools You Need To Help Your Clients Successfully Navigate Through Burnout And Into Their Best Lives

Burnout Is Increasing Week By Week And It's Vital That You Understand That Your Clients Need More Than Self-Care And Some Time Out To Navigate Through Their Burnout Recovery 

In this programme I'll give you the tools, knowledge and understanding to really help you make a difference to your clients.

You'll learn:

  • The Neuroscience behind Burnout and why your clients think and feel the way they do
  • How to stop stress and overwhelm from becoming Burnout
  • What caused your clients to reach Burnout 
  • Why recovery takes so long and why decision making, self-belief and self-confidence are impacted
  • Why Burnout can impact the brain in the same way as trauma and how to help your clients feel the change rather than thinking about the change
  • Why your clients can't think their way out of Burnout
  • How to help your clients make the best decisions for their careers now that they have reached Burnout
  • Tools to help your clients make a BIG shift in a relatively short space of time

PLUS, I'll be personally guiding you through this programme step by step and answering your questions as we go to ensure that you can truly help your clients in the best way possible

PLUS, as soon as the accreditation process is complete, everyone who goes through the programme, will have the opportunity to become an accredited Burnout Coach

Learn how to support your clients more effectively as they navigate through their Burnout Recovery

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Introducing Your Host, Kelly Swingler

An ex-corporate Director, I've reached Burnout twice, and I'm now considered one for the leaders in the world of Burnout and how to navigate through it.

Since 2014 I have been studying, researching, learning, writing, and speaking about Burnout all over the world. I've even written books on overcoming stress and one about my own Burnout recovery.

My mission is to Banish Burnout and change the world of work.  I know that Burnout recovery can be long, challenging, and lonely.  I know what it takes to recover from Burnout, and I know what it takes to feel heard and understood as you navigate recovery, and I want to help you, to help your clients in the best way possible.

So if you're ready to be one of the leading coaches in helping your clients to successfully navigate through their Burnout Recovery, join the waitlist and I'll be in touch again soon.


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