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You've got BIG goals and an even bigger mission and you want to achieve these without sacrificing your personal life or wellbeing and you want a Coach who can help you to make this happen.

Are you a passionate, driven, creative and forward-thinking, people-focused leader?

Do you want to do things differently?

Do you want results?

Do you want to pioneer new ways of working?

Do you want to truly demonstrate what it means to be a People First leader?

At the same time as creating AMAZING change for your people, do you want to create some deep and transformational change for yourself?

The world needs leaders who are brave enough to shine their light and lead from their core values and inner self.  We need leaders who will do the right thing rather than always having to be right.  We need leaders who lead with integrity, who are in alignment with their true self and who are open, honest and truthful no matter how hard the truth may sometimes be.

When you are prepared to rip up the leadership frameworks of old and be the leader you know you can be instead of ticking a box filled with ‘leadership rules’, you are living and leading the Rebellious Leadership way.

I work globally with leaders via phone and Zoom. If you’re ready to do things differently for yourself, your life, or your career, get in touch using the form below to see if we're a fit for each other.


Coaching Services

Executive Coaching - Rolling Retainer

Monthly Retainer 
£1500 per month

It can be lonely at the top and often the messages you need to get across and gain agreement on, will be impacted by everything that's going on for you personally as well as what's going on in your organisation, and you'll be able to comfort in the fact that you'll have an impartial and confidential person to speak to when you need to speak to them.

Whether you're prepping for a meeting, in need of a confidence boost, want an impartial view on your strategy, to share thoughts when it comes to making important decisions or when you just need headspace to talk something through - this is the package for you.

You'll have access to me for a maximum of three hours each month and this can be in the form of a Zoom conversation, a phone call, text or email.  You'll have direct access to my diary to book in time for calls and zooms when you need them.  We'll agree on the expectations and boundaries of how this will work when we have our initial discovery call and the boundaries will be an important part of our coaching relationship from the beginning.  Time not used during the month will not be carried over.

Your investment is £1500 per calendar month incl. of VAT and this is payable quarterly and upfront.  The minimum commitment for this is six months.

If this is the package for you, book your discovery call using the button below and I'll look forward to speaking with you soon.

6 Month 1:1

6 Month Coaching
From £5000

You’ll start this programme with a two-hour deep-dive session where you’ll get really clear on your goals and objectives as well as beginning to identify any barriers that you feel may be in your way.

You’ll then work with me for up to 75 minutes a month/fortnight over the next five months where you’ll grow and develop in ways you never thought possible.

You’ll bring your own ‘agenda’ to each session, being clear on what you want to discuss and where you’d like to get to by the end of the session, and through powerful questioning and solution focused executive and empowerment techniques, I will get you there and beyond.

Do expect to be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone.  You may experience some emotion (not everyone does but many do) as you start to face into what’s been stopping you getting to where you need to be.

Before the programme, please do book a discovery call with me.  The coaching relationship is vitally important and we should both feel that the relationship is a match before you book any sessions. 

The discovery call is completely free and lasts around 30 minutes.  At this session you and I will discuss why you feel coaching is right for you and why now is the right time.  You’ll discuss where you’d like the coaching to help you get to, and have the opportunity to ask your questions and have these answered.

This 6 month coaching programme requires an investment of:

£5000 or six monthly payments of £850 incl. of VAT for monthly coaching sessions


£10,000 or six payments of £1700 incl. of VAT for fortnightly coaching sessions

One Day Deep Dive 1:1

Live Online/In-Person* Coaching

This one day deep dive 1:1 coaching session does what it says on the tin, it's a deep dive to get you moving forward in whatever way you desire.

The day will consist of a number of high impact deep dive coaching conversations with some individual reflection time and at the end of the day, you'll have the answers you came for (and more), plus a plan of action for the future.

Chief People Officers and Senior Leaders use this day for a number of reasons such as mapping out ideas, answering complex questions, strategy design, career mapping, breaking barriers, improving confidence or prepping for an important event.

It's your day, you bring the agenda and I'll help you reach it.

Do be prepared to be challenged.  Do be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone.  Do be prepared for change.

This one day deep dive 1:1 requires an investment of £7500 incl. of VAT.

*In-person sessions take place in my home town of Peterborough UK.  Travel may be agreed in advance and expenses will be payable.


The CEOs Confidante

Monthly Retainer - Unlimited Coaching
£8000 per month

Leading a successful and thriving company can be the most rewarding of roles, it can also be challenging and lonely at the top.  You're responsible to the Board and your People and many of the decisions you have to make will not be popular for everyone.

You're at the point in your career where you realise that doing the right thing is different to always being right. You recognise that the world of work is changing faster than ever before and that if you don't make the changes now and really put your people first, your organisation and your career is going to struggle to survive, you won't come close to being able to thrive.

This is the big one, there's really no other name for it.

We'll work together formally for at least four hours a month, giving you one to one space to grow, shape ideas and develop in ways you never thought possible and you'll then have unlimited access to me throughout the year via phone, text or email.

In between the sessions you'll have unlimited access to me via phone, text or email to ensure you stay on track, stay motivated and remain committed to yourself and your development.

This one requires a big-time commitment and a big financial commitment and you've got to be really committed to your own growth if this one is to work for you.  We'll set the dates and times for our one to one sessions in advance, and once set, this is the schedule we stick to.

Each of the sessions will include some deep dive and powerful coaching sessions and you'll also schedule in some personal reflection time to allow you to process, evaluate and commit to taking action.

We keep the energy high, the questions powerful and the change big.

Your financial investment for this package is £8000 per calendar month incl. of VAT. Payments are made quarterly and paid upfront

If you're ready to significantly invest in your development, click the link to enquire about your discovery call and I'll look forward to speaking to you soon.


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