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Welcome To The HR Anti-Burnout Club

The home of happy, healthy, high-performing HR


I created the HR Anti-Burnout Club to make coaching accessible for the HR Community! 

Overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, and Burnout are on the rise in HR, and that needs to change.

You're an incredible HR Pro, passionate, driven, and always wanting what's best for everyone else.  

And I want you to stay that way.

The world needs passionate HR people like you, and it needs you energised, and burning bright, not out!

Being in HR can be lonely.

Being stressed and in HR can be isolating.

Being at Burnout and in HR can be career-ending and without sounding too dramatic, life-threatening!

It doesn't have to be this way. 

When you join the ABC, you'll receive live monthly training, a live Monday morning call to activate your week, a weekly accountability call, PLUS, resources to help you slow down every Sunday.

It's the perfect mix of personal and professional growth in one incredible space.

But that's not all. 

You'll also receive bonuses such as my 12 weeks to success workbook, audios, and resources to help you recharge, and reset, and, a library of resources that I'll keep adding to on a regular basis, the incredible HR ABC community, a dedicated Community Manager, discounts to my workshops and events outside of the HR ABC Community, AND, exclusive HR ABC events throughout the year.

PLUS, I'll be helping you with the tools and resources to create your happy, healthy, high-performing life without Burnout. What more could you want!!


Included in the Membership

Two live coaching calls a week

2 x  30-minute coaching calls at 8 am on a Monday and 4 p.m. on a Friday. Plus replays if you can't join live.

Monthly Live Training

Monthly live training sessions  to help you live and lead an anti-burnout life

Online Community

A private online community where you can connect with your fellow ABCers, share ideas and get to know each other

Exclusive Member Discounts

Details of events outside of the HR ABC Community and exclusive discounts 48 hours ahead of everyone else


which includes:

  • Your 12-week to-be-your-own VIP self-coaching workbook
  • 100 days of coaching questions 
  • 10 BS Excuses that are keeping you stuck in the Burnout cycle Ebook
  • 3 ways to regain control of your busy life Masterclass
  • The 2023 who are you really guide
  • The guide to creating power-full boundaries
  • 10 rules for a Stress less life Ebook
  • The guide on how to stress less in 7 days
  • The declutter cheat sheet
  • The self-care cheat sheet
  • 21 days of Journal Prompts
  • 2 relaxation audios
  • 5 yoga Nidra recordings to help you find your Zen
  • Burnout: What got you here? Masterclass
  • The Four Corners: Masterclass
  • Mindset: What got you here Masterclass
  • Stop Managing Your Time, Start Managing Your Time Masterclass
  • The F Word: Moving Through Fear Masterclass

And you don't need to stress about the amount of fabulous goodies that will be your library, because as long as you're a member, you can work through everything in your own way, in your own time. no rush, no stress!!

I've got an irresistible offer for you!

Become a new member for just £25 per month, or £250 for 12 months.

That's right, if you pay in full, I'll gift you two months for free.

Joining the HR ABC is the most accessible way to work with me. 

You'll get live access to me twice a week, (usually £625 per hour for one-to-one) as well as the monthly Masterclass (usually £250 per session), plus the Sunday slowdown, AND I'll be sharing some of the tools, and techniques that I usually only share with my one-to-one coaching clients (packages start from £5000 plus VAT).

PLUS all of your bonuses as soon as you join with more being added to the library regularly.

That's over £2500 worth of content every single month for just £25 per month.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to join the HR ABC, the home for happy, healthy high-performing leaders, it's going to be AMAZING!!


Introducing me, your host, Kelly Swingler

In 2013, aged 32, I was HR Director, with my seat at the table of a 3500+ organisation, leading a team of 43 fabulous people and managing multi-million budgets and projects.

But, the organisation was toxic, and whilst I remained convinced that as the 'custodian' of the culture I could fix it, the toxicity broke me led to my Burnout, and made me seriously ill, resulting in tow operations in 48 hours after 7 months of crippling and debilitating pain. I still couldn't see that anything was wrong, until one day, whilst I was recovering on the sofa at home, I was talking to my twin sons about how I was ok and that I'd be back at work soon, and they replied "but Mum we don't want you to go back to work, your job is killing you" Talk about a knife to the heart.

I did go back, but I promised myself things would be different.  Not long after I realised the toxicity was not somewhere I wanted to be and I started job hunting, but every job looked the same, and that was when I heard myself say for the first time ever that I wanted my own business.  This was a shock, I was a corporate lifer! Until I wasn't.

I left and started an award-winning, fast-growing, innovative People and Change consultancy, but Burnout knocked again after I'd heard that my replacement HRD had died. 

I knew then that something needed to change, and since 2015 I have been working with thousands of HR Pros just like you to Banish Burnout, and show that there is another way.

I now believe that I reached Burnout twice so that you don't have to!


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