Development Programmes for Senior Leaders

Rebellious Leadership is about understanding who you are at the core.  It's about getting clear on your mission, your values, listening to that gut feel and using all of this insight to align what you say and what you do to who you are at the core - your True North is you like.

When I reached burnout in 2013 a contributing factor to this was not doing work that aligned to my values.  The leadership environment in which I was working was toxic, everyone was in it for themselves and nobody was able to see the bigger picture.  There was a complete lack of alignment, integrity and authenticity and I vowed at that point to not let anyone go through what I went through.  

The Rebellious Leadership Team Development Programme is designed in a way to get you working from and aligned to, your core drivers - your values, your mission and your purpose.  Because when you live and lead from here, you become an incredible leader. 

The Programme will get you clear on:

Who you are

Why you do what you do

How to lead with integrity

How to align your values to the goals and priorities in your life and work

Understand your core and most valuable relationships and how to harness these effectively

Identify and remove the barriers and blockages that get in your way

Get you working and planning your time in line with your values and outputs and moving away from being busy

And more

If this sounds like the type of leader you and your teams want to be, then let's talk



UK, US, Europe

The Rebellious Leadership Programme is a 12-month programme for leaders who are ready to burn the handbook and align to their values and lead from the core.

The Programme includes six, bi-monthly two-day sessions with 1:1 Coaching in the months between.  Follow up 1:1 coaching sessions will then take place three and six months after the conclusion of the programme.

This is a programme that involves leading from the core, which means, that you dig deep in order to understand who you are which in turn will allow you to lead others with integrity and alignment.

The coaching sessions take the group learning to an even deeper level.

When we are clear on who we are at the core and we are able to align our thoughts, actions and interactions to this, we lead with integrity and authenticity and are able to create trust from the outset.

We’re all aware of leaders who say one thing and do another or who speak without conviction and this inhibits our ability to lead.  If we cannot lead, are we truly a leader or have we just been assigned the title of a leader based on our position within the company?

This programme is not for everyone.  Self-discovery and self-leadership can be hard, it can open up thoughts that we didn’t know we had, it can cause doubt and we can start to lack in confidence as we peel back the layers of who we are now and dig deep to who we really are.

Whilst this programme will produce deep change if you are prepared to let it happen, it’s about more than just change – it’s about self-discovery and alignment.  It’s not about teaching you or telling you how you should be leading based on frameworks and textbooks, but about you getting clear on who you are and how by knowing your true self, how you can lead, engage and motivate successfully.

So forget the rulebooks, the management speak and the leadership frameworks you’ve been suffocated by for years, and get comfortable being you.

There are no pre-requisites for this programme, other than you need to trust the process.  Some of it may feel uncomfortable, some of it may feel ridiculous, some of it may even feel totally pointless and like just another pointless programme that you’ve been through before with absolutely no change to how you live, lead or work.  The two biggest rules in this programme are:

Let it be easy

Learn to let go

If you can do this, you can do anything, and you will be truly able to lead from within and bring your teams along with you.

In addition to the investment of time, the financial investment per person starts from £12500 plus VAT and expenses if applicable.

If you’ve read this far and you’re curious to learn more, get in touch and let’s talk.