Mind The Gap

Launching 13th July 

Mind The Gap: A story of burnout, breakthrough, and beyond my latest book is launching on 5th July.

Pre-order throughout June and receive TWO bonus Masterclasses for free on launch day.

The more we refuse to switch off and ignore the signs of burnout, the wider the gap becomes, and when we fall down it, it can take months, even years before we are able to climb back out of it and get ourselves 'back to normal'.

I learned the hard way and since 2013 I've been working to raise awareness about burnout, what causes it and what we can do to prevent it and recover from it.

Mind The Gap isn't full of stats or data, it's an honest account of my experiences, learning and falling and it's THE hardest book I've ever written, perhaps because of the emotions and the openness that I couldn't avoid sharing as I started to write.

Mind The Gap shares my story, feelings, learnings and experiences about not one, but two periods of burnout in 2013 and 2015 to help you avoid making the same mistakes as I did.

Pre-order during June and you'll receive two bonus Masterclasses worth £99 each:

Burnout: What Got You Here? and

Mindset: What Got You Here?

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Join me on 13th July for the Mind The Gap Virtual Book Launch.

From the comfort of your own home, join me for the launch of Mind The Gap at 6pm (UK) on July 13th where I'll be giving a short talk, answering your questions, and of course, having a bit of fun.

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