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These three best-selling online courses are three of my favourites and it felt only right that they were given a new look and feel to match the rest of my newly rebranded site. 

Most of the recording is done, we're working on the amazing workbooks and activities and we will be relaunching these beauties in August. 

It's the same great content, with a few new additions, and a new look and feel.

Bonus Content

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FREE BONUSES; Pre-order any of these online courses before the end of June and receive two free audio resources, 50 Journal Prompts and a bonus video on why we feel the way we do.

Who Are You?

Online Programme - £299

This short online self-study programme guides you through one of my favourite and most powerful coaching questions, Who are You? to help you begin to identify who you are at your core so that you can start to live and lead from a place of self-confidence.

In addition to uncovering who you are, you'll also learn how to let go of judgement, how to recognise fear and how to understand why you feel the way you do.

If you are ready to commit to taking action, click buy to preorder to discover and uncover who you really are.

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Cut Through the BS and Love Your Life

12 Week Online Programme - £499

This 12-week online programme is a self-study programme, mostly made up of coaching questions for you to reflect on so that you create your ideal life and make you fall in love with who you are and what you do again.

We can all reach a crossroads sometimes and wonder if this is it.  Is this really what we need to wake up and do for the rest of our lives?

The answer is obviously no, we can do whatever we want, but too often we let the BS excuses hold us back and stop us from doing and being what and who we really are.

Over the next 12 weeks, you'll receive a short video intro and your weekly workbook (sounds very un-adult doesn't it, but it works) to work through, reflect on and then start to act on.

After all, if we could all just dream up our perfect life at the click of our fingers without taking action, I can tell you that right now I would be sitting on my deck, overlooking the ocean in my million euro mansion in Ibiza - and one day I will be doing just this, but I've got to keep on working (taking action) to make that happen. 

If you're really not interested in doing the work but liked the sound of the programme, save your money.  Only buy this, if you are actually going to complete it!  That means making some time for yourself every week for the next 12 weeks, no BS excuses!

If you're ready to cut through the BS, click the link to pre-order and get ready to create the life you love.

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Online Programme - £1299

Lead from the core is one of my signature self-study, online programmes that will help you understand and align to who you are, your core strengths and your core values so that you can start to live and lead from your core.


You'll get clear on your Four Core-Ners of Self, Relationships, Work and World.

You'll create better boundaries to protect your energy

You'll create time daily for your non-negotiables

You'll understand what gives you and what drains you of energy and how to balance your energy more effectively

You'll start to sleep better

And, you'll learn to trust your choices more


This isn't a magic wand though, the course will only work if you do.  If you're considering this as the next bright shiny object to buy and then leave on your laptop because you never have the time or 'you've been meaning to get around to it', save your money.  Only buy this course if you are committed to yourself, committed to making change, and committed to taking action.

Pre-order now and you'll soon be making great progress to leading from your core.

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