The Pioneer Programme

12 Month Intensive For Passionate, Driven and Creative People Leaders Who Are Ready To Change The World Of Work And Pioneer New Ways Of Working For Their People

Are you a passionate, driven, creative and forward-thinking, people-focused leader?

Do you want to do things differently?

Are you sick of the eye-rolling, tumbleweed and 'that won't work for us' moments when you present your ideas to the Board?

Are you sick of being asked 'which other companies are doing this' when you present something innovative and know it will revolutionise the workplace for your people whilst the rest of the Exec team seem too focused on what your competitors are doing?

Do you want to be heard?

Do you want to pioneer new ways of working?

Do you want to truly demonstrate what it means to be a People First employer?

Do you want to be the go-to brand for smart, creative and forward-thinking people where you'll have a waiting list of applicants waiting to bang your door down?

At the same time as creating AMAZING change for your people, do you want to create some deep and transformational change for yourself?

Now more than ever we need leaders who are brave enough to shine their light and lead from their core values and inner self.  We need leaders who will do the right thing rather than always having to be right.  We need leaders who lead with integrity, who are in alignment with their true self and who are open, honest and truthful no matter how hard the truth may sometimes be.

When you are prepared to rip up the leadership frameworks of old and be the leader you know you can be instead of ticking a box filled with ‘leadership rules’, you are living and leading the Rebellious Leadership way.


The Pioneer Programme

12 Month Programme for Forward Thinking, Innovative, Creative, Driven and People Focused Leaders

Next Programme starts in September 2021

£15,000 + VAT

If you are a passionate, driven, creative and forward-thinking, people-focused leader, who wants to do things differently, who is sick of hearing 'that won't work for us' at Board meetings and who wants to feel heard, be able to implement change and revolutionise the workplace whilst creating deep-rooted transformation for yourself in the process, this is the programme for you!

If you are ready to be a true champion for change, for changing the world of work and for putting people first, this is the programme for you!

If you are ready to pioneer change that will have your Exec colleagues excited for what's coming next, this is the programme for you!

The next Pioneer Programme starts in September 2021 and if you are ready to align with and lead from your core so that you can change the world of work for your people, this programme is for you.

This exciting, high impact and unique programme will be formed of a maximum of six people who are ready to lead power-fully as they strip back the layers of who they think they should be and get to the core of who they really are.  This really is a high-energy, high-impact and life-changing programme, that will change your life for the better and the lives of those you lead.

By the end of this one of a kind Group Programme you'll:

  • Have created incredible change for your people

  • Be clear on and living from your values

  • Be a truer and more authentic leader

  • Communicating more clearly and gaining trust and buy-in more effectively

  • Be leading with a renewed sense of purpose 

  • Be heard more and have the ability to listen more effectively

  • Know the difference between your inner self-talk and your Executive ego

  • Be making better decisions

  • Have clear personal Boundaries in place

  • Feel more relaxed

  • Be more confident

  • Have more energy

  • Be exceeding your goals AND

  • Have improved and deeper sleep patterns

Now more than ever we need leaders who lead with purpose, and truth.  We need leaders who are brave enough to say ‘this is me’ and who will lead from their heart and their gut rather than always being controlled by their heads.

If you’re ready to align to your values and dig really deep for long-lasting change, this programme is for you.

If you're ready to be brave, to trust the process and to be vulnerable and open to the uncovering and discovering of your true self, then this is the programme for you.

If you’re looking to work with a group of vibrant and energetic leaders who are ready to do things differently, this is the programme for you.

If you’re ready to do the hard work that is necessary, to trust the process, to give and to receive, then this is the programme for you.

You'll have one or two KICK ASS objectives for the year.  You'll have quarterly and monthly goals to smash and regular progress checks to keep you on track.  AND you'll have weekly aims and daily practices that will increase your energy, transform your mindset and keep you motivated so that you'll achieve your KICK ASS goals and to help you align to and lead from your values.

This all-in programme is for those who are serious about change, growth and doing things differently.

The Pioneer Programme will start on 8th September and will last for 12 months.  We’ll meet for a full day each month in-person in London.

In between the group sessions you’ll implement some new daily practices that will lift your energy and your mood and that will help you to replace old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you with new and helpful ones that will raise you up and get you connecting to and leading from your inner core. 

This programme won’t be for everyone and as a result, I won’t be accepting everyone that applies.  The six places available will only go to the leaders who are ready to lead with purpose, aligned to their values, who will commit to the time and the process and who are prepared and ready try something new whilst achieving big change in a big way.

If this sounds like this is for you, click the button below to book your discovery call.

If September doesn’t work for you as a start date, get in touch to join the waiting list for the next programme.

This unique programme requires an investment of £15,000 for 12 months. Once accepted you'll pay an initial deposit of £1595 and the remaining invoice will be sent in August. Monthly payment plans are also available.

To book your conversation click the button below to book a time to speak.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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