The Core Led Women Podcast with Kelly Swingler

The Core Led Women Podcast with Kelly Swingler

Hosted by: kellyswingler

After my burnout in 2013 I realised that in order to prevent it from happening again, I needed to get back to my core. The Core Led Women podcast explores topics, tools and themes to help you get back to who you are...


#47: Lessons From Kerala

I'm back from two weeks on my very first Ayurvedic Retreat, and whilst there is still SO much more to digest and reflect on, this episode of the Core-Led Women Podcast explores what I loved, my struggles and (some) of...
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#46: Imposter

Thank you for joining me on the Core-led Women Podcast. Today I'm talking about feeling like an imposter- imposter syndrome. I’ve been getting a number of messages from women saying that the more senior they are...
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#45: Core-Led Confidence

Welcome to the Core-Led Women Podcast. Today I'll be talking all about core-led confidence and how we shouldn't let the lack of confidence be the reason we don't do something. I want to be living and leading from my...
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#44: What I’ve Learned From The Last 3 Weeks

Welcome back to the Core-led Women Podcast with me your host, Kelly Swingler. I have very recently taken 3 weeks off work and have been doing some deep reflection about why I needed this time off, what I prioritised...
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#43: Goal Setting

In this episode of the Core-Led Women's podcast I talk about: - Why I believe annual goal setting is a thing of the past - How I plan my year and set my goals - How I stay on track, stay focused and achieve my goals...
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#42: Boundaries - More Than Saying No

Welcome back! This episode is all about boundaries. I talk a lot about them, but in this episode it's about more than just saying no. I discuss: - how boundaries start with us - my non negotiable boundaries - the...
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#41: BONUS EPISODE with Sabijn Arts

Sabijn Arts is a registered psychologist and intuition coach specialising in HSP. Creator of the From Head to Heart method for HSP. Considered a thought leader in the field of HSP, her work has been featured in...
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#40: Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Welcome back to the Core-led Women Podcast with me Kelly Swingler. Today's episode is all about managing your energy, not your time. We can't control time, it happens regardless of what we have going on, or what we...
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#39: BONUS EPISODE - With Guest Michelle Hartley

In this episode of the Core-Led Women's Podcast I'm joined by guest Michelle Hartley, the ultimate HR Geek. We're talking burnout, back to balance, boundaries and Michelle's new group the HR Geek Squad. We also talk...
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#38: Neuroscience Saved My Life

Today I'm chatting about Neuroscience. Now I don't get into all the technical stuff in this episode, but I do talk about how understanding how my brain worked quite literally saved my life.  I talk about:  - My 2nd...
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Don’t Let The Critics Count

Episode #37

On today's episode of Core-Led Women Podcast I'm talking about my experience with receiving criticism in my corporate career and through being visible on social media. So how do we deal with it, move on and continue...
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My Two Speeds

Episode #36

Hello and welcome to today's episode where I talk about my two speeds and the concept of 'slowing down'. During my burnout, I had people telling me to slow down, but I couldn’t get the concept of what slow looks like....
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