#41: BONUS EPISODE with Sabijn Arts

Sabijn Arts is a registered psychologist and intuition coach specialising in HSP. Creator of the From Head to Heart method for HSP. Considered a thought leader in the field of HSP, her work has been featured in Carolina Bont’s best selling book 'Hoogsensitiviteit als Kracht (Highsensitivity as Strength)' and Alexandra Heering’s, 'Single Geluk (Single Happiness)' about single parenting and the role of family members. Sabijn has been interviewed for national publications including, Sante, Margriet, Libelle, Ouder en kind and Onkruid on a range of topics including intuition, self-care, practices of gratitude, the power of vision boards, tips on raising kids and much more and in this episode Sabijn and I are talking all about intuition. Don't miss it. Connect with Sabijn on LinkedIn As always you'll find this and all other episodes at kellyswingler.com Enjoy!


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