#48 BONUS EPISODE With Jessika Shields

In this bonus episode of the Core-Led Women Podcast I am joined by a very special guest Jessika Shields.

In this episode we talk about: Leading from the heart to affect change in education

Jessika Shields is a Licensed Educational Psychologist, mom of four, and founder of Stronger Minds, Stronger Youth where she coaches concerned parents of children with mild learning difficulties to improve their child's confidence so that their child is happier and more motivated to learn.

She is also the podcast host for the Parent Them Successful podcast, providing insights and resources to help parents regarding early intervention services. Jessika has nearly 20 years of experience working with families in the K-12 school system and has helped hundreds of parents focus on strengths in order to support their child’s educational journey.

She has packaged her experiences as a classroom teacher and school psychologist to serve parents at the highest level through her Building Child Confidence Through Strengths parent coaching program, where she uses her signature framework to help parents transform their child’s mindset from feeling like they're not smart enough in school to feeling confident in their ability to succeed."

As always you'll find this and all other episodes at kellyswingler.com


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