#50 BONUS EPISODE With Ashley Jones

In this bonus episode of the Core-Led Women Podcast I am joined by a very special guest Ashley Jones.

In this episode we talk about: Overcoming the impact of domestic violence on families by transitioning from chaos to clarity and establishing healthy boundaries to thrive in life and business. 

Ashley Jones is a Marketing and Life Strategist, Founder of Pushed & Polished Consulting, speaker and advocate against domestic violence. With nearly 10 years experience across agency and fortune 500 corporate marketing teams, Ashley is an orchestrator and driver of global, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

She is adept at navigating challenging business  and life opportunities and uniting cross-functional teams to think differently. Overcoming her own traumatic loss, Ashley advocates for and empowers women to inspire them to live abundantly beyond their trauma.

She teaches entrepreneurial women to accept the obstacles and uncover the opportunity to turn them into transformational marketing messages that are truly irresistible. 

Ashley holds a MSc. in International Business Management and Marketing from Kingston University London and a BSc. in Health and Behavioral Science from the University of Delaware

As always you'll find this and all other episodes at kellyswingler.com


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