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9am - 6pm

29th June 2022

Central London

Power Up 2022

Connect with your core | Rebalance your life | Reset for success


You’ve got everything you ever wanted - the perfect job, home and lifestyle. So, why does it feel like something isn’t right? Why is burn out always looming on the horizon? And why do you feel like you constantly need to do more when you’ve got nothing left to give?


If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. I’m Kelly Swingler and I’ve been where you are. My life looked amazing from the outside but I was constantly pushing to the point of burn out. So I took control of my career, launched my HR consultancy and continued the executive coaching aspect of my HR Director role. Today, I draw on neuroscience, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, meditation, yoga and more to help senior female leaders achieve balance and execute their big plans without burning out. 


Now you can redefine what leadership means to you, achieve balance and make work work for you at my 2022 event. Exclusively for female leaders, Power Up 2022 provides the time and expertise and creates the energy to unlock the solutions that already exist inside you. 


I’ll guide you through my tried and trusted, core-led approach that’s helped hundreds of women discover who they truly are. And helped them become the leaders they always knew they could be.

  • Get grounded

We’ll start by connecting with your thoughts, feelings and emotions to help you understand what you really believe, think and feel. 

  • Rediscover your spark

We’ll gradually build the energy in the room with music, fun and movement, helping you make the most of this high impact day that you’ll leave with a renewed sense of power.

  • Create your personal mission statement

Working in small groups, you’ll develop your own mission statement to help you set your direction and make decisions more easily and effectively after the event.

  • Amazing lightbulb moments

Tune into your inner voice to reveal the hidden truths about yourself that will empower you to implement change.​​

  • Group sessions with Q&As

Share your experiences and insights with the other women in your group. Practice speaking and learning freely in a group setting without fear or restrictions.

  • Expert sessions to support your journey

Choose from a range of expert sessions on the day to best support your pathway to change.

  • Refresher resources

Build on the momentum of the event with our post-event resources that will keep you on track once you head back to work.

Want to see more detail? Here's the full agenda

It's time to power up

Here’s what to expect on the day:

“Kelly gives you support, compassion, humor and challenges you to be authentic, driven and resilient. She’s helped me lead huge amounts of change and helped me understand where I add true value.”
Emma Russell, Head of HR, Jagex

Tap into support from these experts

You'll leave with:

  • A clear picture of who you are and what really matters to you 

  • Renewed self-confidence that will empower you to achieve your plans

  • The ability to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the right times - without feeling guilty

  • The confidence to listen to and trust your gut giving you a shortcut to sound decisions

  • The power to work in a way that allows you to prioritise yourself and your values

  • Additional head and heart capacity to effortlessly do the work that matters to you 

  • The tools to ensure you finish every day after the event with enough energy for other areas of your life 

“Kelly's events are thought provoking, life changing, supportive and fun. You're challenged in ways you could never have imagined and you create outcomes you could never have dreamed of. Word of caution, expect emotions to rise, this stuff goes deep and Kelly is so right, change really does happen on the other side of your comfort zone.”

Deborah F, Senior Partner, Legal Firm

This event is for you if:

  • Your life looks perfect from the outside but in reality it's a struggle

  • You're fed up of trying to be superwoman

  • You’re asking: “Do I want this any more? Should I give it all up?”

  • You don't feel like you can complain because other women would love to be in your shoes

  • Luxury holidays only provide a temporary fix and you want a long-term solution

  • You’re approaching burn out or you’ve already burned out and you want to know what to do next

  • You’ve got big plans but you don’t know how to get there

  • You know you’re capable of more but something’s holding you back

  • Other courses and webinars haven’t really got to the core of the issue