Rebellious Leadership

2020 has shown us that more than ever we need leaders with core values and core beliefs that shine through in everything they do.  We need less ego and more authenticity.  We need leaders who are comfortable in their own skin.

Rebellious Leadership works with your conscious mind, your subconscious mind and your physical energy to help you burn the leadership handbook and lead from your core.

Three things, Coaching, Yoga and Hypnotherapy have helped me over the years not to just make changes to my life, but to save it.

Coaching has helped me to give up my comfortable six-figure salary and start my own consultancy and it's helped since in keeping me motivated, helped with growth and development and kept me accountable to all of my wacky ideas.  Yoga helped me through burnout and helps to keep me grounded every day, it's helped me to breathe, to focus and to move when I've needed a boost.  Hypnotherapy literally saved my life on Christmas Eve 2015 when my mental health hit rock bottom and had I not have just qualified in Hypnotherapy I really wouldn't be here today.

It may seem weird to combine these three things, but the power of them combined really is life changing.  Coaching helps to bring up the questions and thinking to keep us moving forward and reaching our goals and dreams through working with the conscious mind.  From here, the relaxing trance of Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind and finds us the deep rooted and hidden answers that we all have within us.  And the icing on the cake if you like, is the yoga.  Taking the lessons from he mat into our lives, helping us to breathe, keep our energy flowing and at the same time staying grounded and rooted so that we are able to take action.

And this, is the power of Rebellious Leadership.  It helps you move on from how you think you SHOULD be leading, and helps you connect with your core so that you can lead as you, not a checklist from a book.

This, is Rebellious Leadership.


Rebellious Leadership Group Coaching Programme

Group Coaching Programme 
£297 per month

If you're a passionate People Leader who wants BIG change then this is the programme for you. 

Bring a problem, a question, a goal or a challenge and together we'll help you achieve it.

Your commitment:

  • Monthly two and half hour group coaching sessions run via Zoom for six months

  • Plus a minimum of one hour a day for the personal transformation work

The Rebellious Leadership Coaching Programme runs three times a year for six months and each group is limited to four people.

This is a programme like no other and because of that you'll get results that you never thought possible.

What makes it different?

In this programme I bring together three things that have absolutely transformed my life, my mindset, my energy and my work; Executive Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Yoga and through these three combined techniques we'll move beyond the conscious mind and also make positive changes to your subconscious mind and your physical energy.  You don't need to be a yoga pro or hugely flexible to take part, yoga is for everyone, and don't worry about the hypnotherapy element, you won't end up walking round and clucking like a chicken.

The monthly Group coaching will be focussed on you and your desired outcome.  In between the monthly sessions you'll start (or continue), a daily practice that involves breathing techniques, a yoga practice and a deep relaxation.  The deep relaxation will take you into a state of trance, similar to that used in Hypnotherapy and will work with the subconscious mind to help you make changes more quickly.  There will be a different relaxation, breathing practice and yoga practice each month to keep the change coming and the energy moving.

This is a programme that really creates change from the inside out.

If you're serious deep change and aligning your work to your values then this is the programme for you.

The next programme starts in March 2021, and due to the limited number of places available to join, we'll have a conversation about what you want to get form the programme before your place is confirmed.  Once your place is confirmed you'll be committed to the six month programme so please don't apply if the commitment doesn't feel right for you.

If the March start date doesn't work for you then you can join my email list and I'll let you know when the next programme will start running.

This unique programme is priced at just £297 per month for six months.

To book your application conversation click the button below to book a time to speak.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Rebellious Leadership 1-2-1 Coaching

6 Month 1-2-1 Coaching

Combining three of my favourite things, yoga, hypnotherapy and coaching, these sessions include relaxation, coaching and yoga to help you move, challenge, question and grow.

The Rebellious Leadership sessions work with your conscious mind (coaching), your subconscious mind (hypnotherapy) and your physical energy levels and body (yoga) for complete and total alignment as well as helping you focus in a completely new way.

As with all of the coaching I offer, there is no one size fits all approach.  You come with the topic for your coaching and the yoga and hypnotherapy will align to this topic for you.

You'll not only leave each session with your goals and actions from your coaching, but a personal yoga practice and relaxation practice to work on through the month to help you balance your energy levels, your thoughts and your goals.

Choose from fortnightly or monthly session and two or three hour sessions. Half of the session will be coaching and half will be yoga.

These sessions are in-person in Peterborough UK in my Cabin or held via Zoom for clients in different geographies.

This 6 month coaching programme requires an investment of £3300 (monthly)/£6600 (fortnightly) plus VAT or six payments of £550 (monthly)/£1100 (fortnightly) plus VAT


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