You are Power-Full
Three Day Empowerment Retreat

Live and lead from your core by stepping into your power during this Power-Full Retreat

Book Now For March 2022 - Peterborough, UK

March 9th, 10th and 11th 2022

From £3750 per person

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The You are Power-Full Three Day Retreat is a three-day empowerment intensive that involves some totally out-of-the-box tasks, activities, and reflections that will allow you to go deep into who you are at the core and help you find ways on how you can move forward effectively. 

This transformative, energetic, and power-full retreat takes your leadership capabilities and your personal alignment to new depths.

You'll let go pre-conceived ideas about how you think you should be, and leave with a clear sense of you who you really are.

Change starts with you, and this whole-person approach creates deep, meaningful, impactful, and sustainable change.

This retreat is for those who are prepared to do the deep dive work, strip back what may have been holding them back and for those who will trust completely in the process.  It's for those who are ready to be brave and authentic and for those who are willing and ready to stand in their own personal power and to be the women they know they are capable of being.

During the three days, you'll explore and understand the Four Core-Ners of your Self, Relationships, Work and World.

You will get clear on who are you, what you do, and why you do it.

You'll let go of things that no longer serve you, you'll create boundaries and you'll have fun!


Your investment for the three-day Power Up Retreat is £3750 per person.

Your investment includes:

  • Three days of intensive, powerful and experiential coaching 

  • Four nights accommodation at the venue, The Orton Hall Hotel - to help you relax the night before or on the final day of the retreat (evening meal included if checking in the night before)

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Evening meal during the three-day retreat

  • Refreshments provided throughout the three-day retreat

PLUS Your Power-Up swag bag including:

  • Yoga Mat

  • Yoga Blanket

  • 2 x Yoga Blocks

  • Water Bottle

  • Notebook

  • Pen


Upgrade to the VIP experience for and receive all the above, plus:

  • A 30 minute treatment at the hotel and

  • Two Hours of one to one coaching one month and three months after the Retreat to help you further embed the learning.

VIP Experience £5250 per person

Each of the three days will start with a yoga practice to ground you or energise you, depending on the needs of the group as well as connecting you to your body and mind in preparation for the day.


You'll then spend the days immersed in powerful coaching exercises, group activities, and empowerment tasks to help you develop and grow in ways you couldn't have imagined before attending this retreat.


If you're a core-led Professional Woman who is excited about the prospect of being taken completely out of your comfort zone, after all, this is where the growth happens, then book your place and I'll look forward to seeing you in March.

Click Buy Now to secure your place and make payment online, or contact the team at to request your invoice.  Please note that your place is not secured until payment is made in full.

Once full payment is received, you'll receive your welcome pack with details of the accommodation, what to expect during the retreat, some reading recommendations, and the legal stuff about payment terms, cancellations (just in case) and some FAQ's, including what you might like to pack and what to do about us letting us know about any dietary needs and health concerns.


Post Arrow_Nikki_p.HEIC


The most incredible three days ever!

I want to do it again

Post Arrow_Amy_p.HEIC


I had no idea what to expect but Kelly is amazing so I came along.  It was absolutely brilliant - thank you!

Post Arrow_Aby_l.HEIC


Totally and utterly life changing.  Really, really life changing, I can't even tell you how much.