I've been practicing yoga since 2009 and through yoga and meditation, I was able to create more balance in all areas of my life along with much more success in my work and career.

In 2015 as the plane landed in Ibiza where I was visiting my sister, I had this feeling that I needed to study yoga.  I ignored it.  And it came up more and more, but as I couldn't see how it would fit into my business and I was getting a lot of knowledge through my teachers and retreats, I put it to one side.  But I wasn't able to ignore it.  Whilst on a Yoga Retreat in India, I knew I had to qualify and deepen my studies, so I trained as a yoga teacher.  Still not seeing how I could incorporate yoga into my business, I assumed that the learning was purely for my own benefit, how wrong was I.

A core lesson in yoga is to pass on your teachings, and so, now, I bring classes to you wonderful professional women, in the hope that you will also be able to take balance and success in your life too.

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