You are more powerful than you know

The single biggest challenge you face right now as a high-achieving creative leader is that your game is so much bigger than that of anyone around you.  You play at a level that most people cannot even dare to.  Yet you are playing small because something in you feels out of balance, and it's time to go BIG.

My SUPERPOWER is empowering leaders, just like you, to live and lead a life and career that is truly aligned.  I help you to create success on your own terms and to achieve your "impossible" goals, fast, and free from guilt and burnout.

Here's what I know about you:

Despite your success - actually, because of it - doing more of what you're already doing is not going to lead you to next level success.

In fact, the very qualities that have led to your current success are precisely what hold you back from even greater levels of accomplishment.  And let's be honest, that empire that you secretly want to create isn't going to be built if something doesn't change.

Since 2014 my books, experiences, speaking, and coaching have helped hundreds of leaders and coaches like you and me to create a life and career that they love and all by aligning your mind, body and goals. 

Your gifts, in fact, become your obstacles:

1. You are a powerful visionary.

The very power of your vision can be detrimental to your success because you dream so big that you can get overwhelmed. When so many options are available to you, the amount of choice becomes a burden and a stumbling block that freezes you in a procrastination situation.  

2. You experience exponential success.

Despite the admiration of those around you, it often doesn't feel like you've ever had to work that hard for anything in your life, it's "just what you do". And because it's: just what you do" you let the ease of it all become a burden as you try to make it harder for yourself.  You push harder, work harder, refuse to delegate and rarely, if ever celebrate your achievements.  And then, you're onto the next thing.

3. You have deep competing commitments that begin to surface the more successful you become.

Your very drive for success is motivated by a deep commitment and connection your values and by wanting to make a deep and meaningful impact in the world, but your conflicting needs and values often cause to go round and round in circles.  You want to build and empire but you don't want to charge people.  You want to work hard, and you want freedom and ease.  You deeply want to help people, but you don't want to put yourself out there.  It's exhausting!

4. You get comfortable in the comfort zone.

You're a perfectionist that's hard to please so you'd rather not start it if you think you'll fail.  You have so many ideas you overcommit and then you let yourself down.  You have two speeds, on or off.  You do what feels comfortable because the growth at this level could mean failure.  

5. You are an extremely talented problem-solver.

You are so good at solving problems, that often you've thought about, created and implemented, in your head at least, the solution to the problem before anyone else in the room even know there was a problem.  And this is an amazing skill to have.  It can mean though that you are always interrupted by people's problems and excluded when they just want to be heard.

6. You seek perfection.

The more success you have, the higher you climb the ladder and the more money you make, the greater the pressure you put on yourself to keep up with that level of success.  The barrier to starting each subsequent piece of work, project or personal growth phase becomes unbearably high, because each time you want exponential growth. Without it, what's the point of even starting?!?

7. You are future-focused

Having your attention firmly on the future enables you to take action immediately, the moment you have an idea, and you have a LOT of ideas.  But you don't slow down enough to notice the impact of your repeated ideas and repeated challenges, and repeated stop-start moments that seem to resurface, over and over again.

8. You really don't need help.

You really don't need help.  You are more than capable of doing it all on your own and everyone around you is amazed by your pace, ability, resilience and strength.  And you definitely don't need support, so you never ask for it.  And because you don't need help or support, you carry on, alone.  Without the amazing support of your amazing cheerleaders and support team, which could include me!


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