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Time and Energy

"It will only take you 10 minutes"

The time it takes to do the thing, isn't always right is it?

Because what about the planning, the preparation, the thought, the distractions, and everything else that goes on around it?

What would be different for you if you really considered just how much time, energy, and attention it takes to do the thing?

Last week I spoke in Athens. I was on stage for two hours. But it wasn't of course just two hours. It was three days from leaving to arriving home. Hours just sat at the airport. Plus the planning and prep time and packing, and conversations beforehand.

It's never just the time or energy of doing 'the thing' and yet very often it's only that time that we take into account. And it's this underestimation that's leaving you FRAZZLED!

Time for change, and it all starts with you!!


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