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Hi, I'm Kelly

I'm an Executive Coach, Psychologist, and Burnout Expert and I help leaders like you, to succeed, without exhaustion, burnout, and guilt.


I'll show you how to live and lead from your core, create success on your own terms, trust your choices, and create a bigger impact.


My coaching, workshops, and programmes have helped thousands of leaders to create balance not burnout, and success without stress.


I'll help you to:

Increase your confidence

Implement boundaries

Trust your choices, and action them

Live a balanced life

Create success on your terms

You can have it all, and you don't have to jeopardise your wellbeing to get ahead and succeed.


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What Clients Say

“I’ve worked with Kelly as my coach since July 2017 and her help and support has been absolutely invaluable.  Kelly has enabled me to develop a greater understanding of my own ownership of each situation I am being coached through and I find it satisfying to come to my own solutions.Coaching has given me a huge amount of confidence as I now know that I do have ‘the answers’ and I’ve enjoyed working with Kelly to get to these. Not all the solutions I have come up with have worked (far from!) but with Kelly’s direct but supportive approach I’ve been able to then use subsequent coaching sessions with Kelly to reflect on why the solution wasn’t successful and put those leanings’ in to practice for next time.  I’d highly recommend Kelly.”

Amy Sowinska - Global Head of HR

“Kelly is an excellent coach who mentored and guided me to a new level of personal development. I had ‘managed’ for many years, but had not yet focused on leadership.  I was working in an management role and was considering aiming for the position of CEO. Kelly’s style is very consistent and empowering, which worked perfectly for me and has a way of working that teases out confidence and hidden skills.  I initially assumed that I would be working with an adviser, but what I got was much more. Kelly has a skill to help to see things in a different light, I became focused on the personal and professional changes that I needed to make to become more effective and start making leadership decisions.  I would not hesitate in recommending Kelly.”

Rachel Morris - CEO