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Hi, I'm Kelly

I'm a coach, speaker and author for Core-Led women, just like you.

I’ll show you how to live and lead from your core so you can start living a life with more confidence, free from exhaustion, burnout and guilt.

My books, programme, speaking and coaching have helped hundreds of women to create a life and career that they love.

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This day will help you to:

  • Release your blocks and fears
  • Master your mindset
  • Stop negative habits and self-sabotage
  • Feel empowered and ready to live your life your way
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Core-Led women know and understand deeply who they are at their core.  They are empowered to bring their whole self to all that they do and they empower others to do the same.


Boundaries aren't just about saying no.  They are about you reclaiming your power, protecting your energy, and prioritising your wellbeing for improved performance.

Time For You

Time for you isn't a nice to have, it's a must-have.  And it's not selfish, it's necessary if you want to succeed and achieve your goals without exhaustion, stress and burnout.

This is Burnout

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Mind The Gap

A story of burnout, breakthrough and beyond

About Kelly

Kelly Swingler helps senior-level professional women and female founders to eliminate exhaustion, guilt and burnout from their lives by living and leading from their core to create success their way. Her books and talksgive an honest, open and inspiring take on creating a life of success without burnout. Her Coaching and Power Up empowerment experience have helped women from all around the world.

She’s an introvert, author, and mum of four, (twin sons and two bonus sons), and is adored by her gorgeous rescue pooch Elysa. She owns a 40-year-old bright yellow vintage mini, lives in the middle of nowhere, loves yoga and is a lifelong learner.


"I wanted some help with my career choices and needed some help in adapting to leadership roles. Kelly has been fabulous in encouraging me to think about my beliefs and ideas from a different perspective and has given me the encouragement I needed to carry on"

Sophie Jasudasen
NHS Registrar

"Kelly is an excellent coach who mentored and guided me to a new level of personal development. I had ‘managed’ for many years, but had not yet focused on leadership. I was working in an management role and was considering aiming for the position of CEO. Kelly’s style is very consistent and empowering, which worked perfectly for me and has a way of working that teases out confidence and hidden skills. I initially assumed that I would be working with an adviser, but what I got was much more. Kelly has a skill to help to see things in a different light, I became focused on the personal and professional changes that I needed to make to become more effective and start making leadership decisions. I would not hesitate in recommending Kelly."

Rachel Morris

"I’ve been working with Kelly as my coach for a number of months now, and I have to say that she is absolutely wonderful. She has supported my growth and development, given me confidence and really helped me to see opportunities that I was letting pass me by. I chose Kelly as my coach because she has a fantastic background and wealth of experience, and her style very much fits with mine. Kelly has taken the time to understand my needs, my concerns and my motivators and the time I’ve spent with her has been invaluable. Kelly has genuinely been a huge part of what has probably been one of my most challenging years in terms of career and growth, and I couldn’t have wished for a better person to be at my side. I really feel that Kelly’s skill in getting to the root of the problem quickly (as well as her super engaging and authentic style) has meant that we have been able to deliver results very quickly, and I can see the changes in myself and my business. I’d highly recommend Kelly."

Michelle Hartley
HR Consultant

"I attended Kelly's 'Power Up22' event this week and have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away; I laughed (in a belly chuckle way), I cried, I was challenged, I challenged others, met some truly brilliant women and came away feeling like a different person. It was definitely a power-full day which has shifted the way I think. It was one of those experiences which will stay with me for a long time. Kelly facilitated the day in such a way that it felt safe right from the start, in fact I think I was in tears within the first hour! She has a real presence which radiates confidence, warmth and trust and before you know it you're doing things which you wouldn't have thought possible. I will be returning next year without a doubt and highly recommend it to anyone even half considering going. Power Up '23? I'll be there!"

Jo Andrews
Leadership Consultant

"I’ve worked with Kelly as my coach since July 2017 and her help and support has been absolutely invaluable. Kelly has enabled me to develop a greater understanding of my own ownership of each situation I am being coached through and I find it satisfying to come to my own solutions.Coaching has given me a huge amount of confidence as I now know that I do have ‘the answers’ and I’ve enjoyed working with Kelly to get to these. Not all the solutions I have come up with have worked (far from!) but with Kelly’s direct but supportive approach I’ve been able to then use subsequent coaching sessions with Kelly to reflect on why the solution wasn’t successful and put those leanings’ into practice for next time. I’d highly recommend Kelly."

Amy Sowinska
Global Head of HR

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