Rebellious Leadership

Burning The Handbook and Leading from The Core

Executive Coaching and Corporate Development Programmes for HR and People Leaders because I believe we can only lead effectively when we know who we are at the core.


Rebellious Leadership

Prioritising your self-care and personal wellbeing
Ditching the rulebook and leading from your values
Putting People First
Leading from your core
Working smarter
Knowing that you don't have to hustle to succeed
Doing the right thing not always having to be right


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Coaching packages for HR and People Leaders

Leadership Team Development Programmes

Corporate Programmes and Retreats for  People Leaders

Rebellious Leadership

Helping you to burn the leadership handbook and lead from your core with a combination of Coaching to work with your conscious mind, Hypnotherapy to work with your subconscious mind and Yoga to work with your physical energy


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The Core

A strong core helps with overall body strength
A strong core allows for better posture
A strong core allows for greater flexibility
And yet all too often when it comes to leadership and understanding our self, rather than identifying who we are at the core, we look externally for answers, following rulebooks and frameworks that tell us how we 'should' be as a leader, not who we 'are' as a leader.
Rebellious Leadership is therefore about burning the rulebook and getting you clear on who you are at the core and how by really tapping into this, you can lead more confidently, with more clarity, with more authenticity and with greater presence.


Learn More About Me

Since 2014 I've worked with and coached some of the leading HR influencers and People leaders across a global platform, and I love the work I do and the impact my clients are able to create.

I was never a 'typical' HR Professional, often making decisions and taking action through intuition rather than data.  As an introvert I didn't really 'fit' the mould of HR, but found that HR was where I belonged.  Over an eight year period I was promoted seven times, my salary increased by more than £100,000 and yet the more senior I became, the harder it became to work in a way that was aligned to my values.

Ego-driven executive teams, six years of cost saving exercise after cost saving exercise and the HR agenda always being the thing that was missed out of Board meetings when time ran short, after my burnout in 2013 I began to question my role and the work I was doing.  And I vowed to never let another HR Professional experience what I had been through.

I coach High Performing HR Leaders and their teams to hep them find ways to add more value, through working less.


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James


“I’ve worked with Kelly as my coach since July 2017 and her help and support has been absolutely invaluable.  Kelly has enabled me to develop a greater understanding of my own ownership of each situation I am being coached through and I find it satisfying to come to my own solutions.
Coaching has given me a huge amount of confidence as I now know that I do have ‘the answers’ and I’ve enjoyed working with Kelly to get to these. Not all the solutions I have come up with have worked (far from!) but with Kelly’s direct but supportive approach I’ve been able to then use subsequent coaching sessions with Kelly to reflect on why the solution wasn’t successful and put those leanings’ in to practice for next time.  I’d highly recommend Kelly.”

 Amy Sowinska - Global Head of HR

“Kelly is an excellent coach who mentored and guided me to a new level of personal development. I had ‘managed’ for many years, but had not yet focused on leadership.  I was working in an management role and was considering aiming for the position of CEO. Kelly’s style is very consistent and empowering, which worked perfectly for me and has a way of working that teases out confidence and hidden skills.  I initially assumed that I would be working with an adviser, but what I got was much more. Kelly has a skill to help to see things in a different light, I became focused on the personal and professional changes that I needed to make to become more effective and start making leadership decisions.  I would not hesitate in recommending Kelly.”

Rachel Morris - CEO


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