If you're looking for a passionate speaker on topics relating to Core-Led Leadership, Burnout, and Mental Health then look no further.


I'm a passionate speaker with an honest and open approach.  One of my favourite pieces of feedback was after my 'Burn The Handbook' keynote, "The best thing since the Netflix Culturedeck".

If you're looking for a passionate speaker on topics relating to Core-Led Leadership, Burnout, and Mental Health then look no further.

As an ex-HRD and Executive Coach, Psychologist and Burnout Expert, I've spoken to audiences all over the world as well as been a guest on numerous podcasts and webinars for various audiences.

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Keynote Topics

Programmed for Success

In this inspirational and eye-opening talk, Kelly shares how the brain works and why we think and feel the way we do, and how we are programmed for success when we align our mind, body, and goals.

Mental Health and Me

Mental Health and Me has appeared on BBC Sounds and inspired audiences from around the world. Kelly shares her experience of living with Bipolar and breaks the stigma of Mental Health.

The Core-Led Way

In this inspiring and eye-opening talk, Kelly shares how to live and lead a core-led life and how in doing so we empower others to do the same.

Burn The Handbook

Burn The Handbook is a favourite amongst HR and Leadership audiences.  Kelly shares why it's time to burn the handbook and people first in this engaging, insightful, and inspiring talk.

Mind The Gap

In this inspiring talk, Kelly shares her story from Burnout to Breakthrough and Beyond. This remains Kelly's most requested talk, specifically to women-only audiences.



Previous audiences have included: BBC Radio, BBC News, ITV, LUSH, Engagement Excellence Summit (x 3), PWN, BTN, and more!

If you're looking for an energetic, passionate speaker, then look no further. Whether you need a speaker for your event, a keynote to captivate your audience full of Leaders or a breakout session for a smaller audience, I've spoken on stages of up to 10,000 people and I know how to hold an audience. I don't believe in Death by Powerpoint, promise not to bore, and always have a bold choice of outfit to brighten the stage.
It's important that the stages and audiences are aligned to my values and my mission, so please don't be offended if I can't accept your invitation.
Please do let me know the details of your event, why you'd like me to attend and what topic you'd like to speak about, and we can then arrange a call if the event feels like a fit for me.


"Her workshops are engaging, thought-provoking, and factual, challenging perspectives in the minds of the audience as well as being, supportive, friendly, fun, and engaging with an intention to make a positive difference in situations."

Jackie Perkins
House of Colour

"I have seen Kelly speaking at a number of events and her skill of delivering not just a talk but more importantly delivering messages that really land with the audience, making all her talks interactive, engaging, informative, and enjoyable."

Gary Johannes
Mental Health In The Workplace

"Kelly, congratulations on that you were wonderful. My whole team was amazed at how much energy and passion you were and how authentic it felt and they all commented on how extra hard it must be doing it remotely with no audience feedback. You were fantastic thanks so much."

Glenn Elliott

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