Hi, I'm Kelly ...

... a leading Coach, Speaker, and Author in the world of Burnout.

Overwhelm, stress, and Burnout are my areas of expertise as an Executive Coach for high-performing leaders like you. 

I work with HR and People Leaders, Boards, and Executive teams, in overcoming Burnout, getting clear on who they are, and creating the time, space, and energy they need for the things that really matter.

Burnout No.1 had made me seriously ill, Burnout 2.0 almost killed me. Thankfully I’m still here, but I know others that aren’t.

The day I received the phonecall to tell me that my replacement had died whilst away on a leadership residential my whole world changed, and so to did my ‘why’.

I'm here to Banish Burnout and to change the world of work, and it all starts with you.

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