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I work with leaders like you. High achievers who thrive under pressure, who have a track record of success and reach seemingly impossible goals - who are now in need of some support to help them shape their life and career in a sustainable way, without sacrificing their mental and physical health, their joy, and their life outside of work.

It's your time to focus on you!

If you want to increase your confidence,  improve your presence and the impact you make, climb the ladder, or just create a plan for new goals, I'm here to help you every step of the way.

My superpower, is helping you to discover your superpower!

Coaching is a true commitment to your development and therefore it's important to make sure we're a fit for each other before we commit to anything long-term.

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For HR Leaders

We'll work together over the phone beginning with a two-hour deep dive session where we'll focus on uncovering your true self, and then up to 90 minutes a month for the duration of the coaching relationship to help you reach and exceed your goals, increase your confidence and get you to where you want to be, and beyond!

6-month Coaching Relationship £5000 plus VAT 

Payment can be made in instalments if you are self-funding

Additional  sessions are charged at £625.00 per month plus VAT

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For HR Teams

Monthly group and one-to-one coaching to help you prioritise your health and wellbeing and maintain your high performance

Minimum 6-month Coaching Relationship

£3000 per month plus VAT for up to 6 people

£5000 per month plus VAT for 7 - 12 people

For teams of 13+ please contact me to discuss a bespoke package

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Strategy Session 

A one-off deep dive two-hour strategy/coaching session.

You're at a career crossroads and you want to make a decision. Or perhaps you need a confidence boost, help with a project, prep for a big event, or a confidential chat and a brainstorm to help you figure out what to do. 

This is the session for you.

Two-hour deep-dive £1250 plus VAT 

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Join my membership community to grow, change, prioritise your wellbeing, maintain your high performance, and create the time, space, and energy for the things that matter.

£50 per month

or £500 for 12 months

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A handful of client success stories

Alex was one of my very first 'official' clients outside of my organisation after I qualified as an Executive Coach. Alex was the Finance Director at a global charity and she was having some challenges with her CEO.

In our first session, I noticed that Alex spoke a lot about being worried and being a worrier.  We dug into this and Alex said she'd been a worrier since she was a small child. Her parents and all of her family had always labelled her as the family worrier and it had become a lifelong trait.  If Alex wasn't worried then everyone assumed that everything was definitely ok.

We explored what Alex might like to be if she weren't worried, and she decided she'd like to be carefree.  In an instant, her body language, her voice, and her demeanor changed completely.

Shortly after our final session, I received THE goodbye call from Alex.  She'd quit her job, sold her house and was off to spend a year volunteering in Africa.

Sophie, an NHS Registrar wanted to call it quits with her career and didn't want to finish her training to be a Consultant.

She wasn't like the other Consultants and she was feeling it, doubting herself and wanting a new career path.

Sophie started to integrate her love of art and creativity into how she speaks to patients, how she learns and how she asks questions.

She started to deliver workshops to colleagues on creativity. She passed her final exams with flying colours.  And she's also set up a mentoring programme for other women who have taken breaks in their consultant training either to have families or take on secondment opportunities in other countries.


Michelle was working two different careers. One as a high-flying Director, travelling all over the world for business and the other as an artist, painting and drawing, something that gave her headspace and filled the time whilst on planes and in hotels away from home.

All she'd ever wanted was to be an artist but had always been told it wouldn't pay well and that she'd never have security and stability if she followed her art.

Financially, Michelle was extremely stable and secure, her kids had almost finished school, her mortgage was almost paid off, and her husband had just got his dream promotion.

Michelle took a three-month sabbatical from work.  She painted, she created and she set up a website and online shop to sell her work.  By the end of the three months, she'd made more money than her salary, felt happier, was having more fun and spending more time with her family, and, supporting her husband more.  The arguments at home decreased, and the pressure was lifted.

Michelle quit her job, and now paints full-time.  She recently got in touch to let me know that she's planning on starting painting workshops to help women unleash their creativity, I can't paint, but I've told her to let me know when she's ready.

Nikki was my very first coaching client when I'd left my HRD career and started my own business back in 2014.  Nikki was a Head of Finance in a Global Media company, struggling with her relationship with the CFO.

Nikki and I have worked together three times, I've coached her team, and I've coached her boss.

Nikki realised that she didn't need to keep climbing the ladder to be successful in her career.  She moved into some project roles, a particular skill of hers.  She started a family and her husband quit his job to look after their son because Nikki loves what she does.

Nikki decided that less stress in a job that meets her skills and allows her plenty of quality time with her family was her definition of success.

Laura had been wanting to become Managing Partner in the law firm she'd been at since University, ever since she'd finished University.

She loved the company, the work, and the outcomes she was able to produce.

Laura got in touch having just returned from her second maternity leave, as she felt out of place and like she no longer belonged.

In our sessions together we focused on Laura's priorities, goals and dreams, what she wanted and how she might get there.

The guilt of still wanting to develop her career now she was a Mum had become overwhelming, mainly because everyone else told Laura she'd need to slow things down and that as a Mum she would need to make some sacrifices.

Six months after Laura and I started working together, it happened, she became Managing Partner.

She employed more help at home, she set strong boundaries at work and she's the happiest she's ever been.

"As a coach Kelly gives you support, compassion, humor and challenges you to be authentic, driven and resilient. At Jagex we have been seeing huge amounts of change as we grow and understand the impact of the current situation and as a HR team we are growing professionally and making changes to how we work, Kelly has supported me in leading this change, and also worked with my team to support us in developing ourselves and taking time to consider where we add true value. This has and continues to support us in getting where we want to and supports our studio, as there are learnings we get with Kelly that our stakeholders will benefit from too."

Emma Russell
HR Director

"Kelly is an excellent coach, manager and leader. She worked hard to develop me personally and professionally, always challenging me in a supportive, coaching environment. I enjoyed working with kelly very much, she brings people together and builds strong, supportive teams and networks."

Dan Hardaker
HR Director

"Her insight into issues you are having is almost instantaneous and she has helped me find my own solutions to a number of decisions that I needed to make both personally and in my business. I would highly recommend her and I am looking forward to attending a number of her courses in the future."

Charron Pugsley-Hill

"Kelly is a superb coach. She is insightful, pragmatic, rebellious and funny. She quickly gets to the heart of an issue and supports you in finding a solution that works for you. It's brilliant to work with such an excellent coach and definitely worth the investment in your personal development. I would highly recommend Kelly."

Maria Hawley

"I've worked with Coaches for years, I'm grateful that my company assigns one to us as part of our development. What I hadn't realised until I started working with Kelly is just how completely life-changing coaching can be. More of my peers want to work with her now too. "

Abi James
Senior Partner

"I'd been following Kelly for about five years and always found her to be inspiring, but I never thought I'd need to work with her. But, when I chose to, everything changed. And I've quit my job after 20 years to work out what's next, and I couldn't be more appreciative of her help, support, guidance, and tough questions - she knows how to get to the root of the issue for sure."

Ashleigh R.
Currently on Sabbatical

"You meet Kelly, you're instantly inspired, and then you choose her as your coach, and at first, it's like being hit by a train, if that's ever possible in a good way! She's no messing, straight talking, cut to the issue, dog like a bone, doesn't give up until you're honest with yourself, and oh my goodness does this make you sit up and take notice. But when you've really learned where you've been your worst enemy, does it give you the space and freedom to let it all out, to breathe and to get that arse moving. Just WOW!"

Laura W.

"I was skeptical. I've worked with coaches, I've been assigned coaches, and I've grown bored of coaches. It was the same old same old, little progress, and a waste of my time. My Director then said I could choose my own coach and gave me a budget. I spoke to three coaches, and Kelly was instantly the one. I look forward to our sessions, I look forward to the changes I'll make, and I always love the responses I receive when I send her some good news. Everyone needs a Kelly."

Kerry T.
Accounts Executive

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