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You lead effectively when you understand who you are and when your core values and beliefs play out in everything you do. Yet how can you lead authentically and with integrity if you don't really know who you are, what your core drivers are, what gets you out of bed in the morning and what you're really here to achieve?

For many years I've been clear on my mission of changing the world of work, and I truly believe that change starts with you.  

Over the past 10 years I have coached and developed some of the leading voices and change makers in the People and Leadership space. My unique blend of expertise and experience helps you find clarity on and moves you forward in your own unique way. I'm selective about who I work with because I'm not interested in working with leaders who aren't truly interested in change or willing to invest in their development and growth.

I work globally with People leaders via phone and Zoom. If you’re ready to do things differently for yourself, your life, or your career, get in touch using the form below to see if I'm right for you.

I'll be in touch to arrange your initial discovery call where you’ll discuss why and how you think coaching will help, have your questions answered and get clear on whether we could work together to get you to where you want to be.


Coaching Services

6 Month 1:1 - Monthly/Fortnightly

Phone Coaching

You’ll start this programme with a two hour deep-dive session where you’ll get really clear on your goals and objectives as well as beginning to identify any barriers that you feel may be in your way.

You’ll then work with me for up to 90 minutes a month/fortnight over the next five months where you’ll grow and develop in ways you never thought possible.

You’ll bring your own ‘agenda’ to each session, being clear on what you want to discuss and where you’d like to get to by the end of the session, and through powerful questioning and solution focused executive and empowerment techniques, I will get you there and beyond.

Do expect to be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone.  You may experience some emotion (not everyone does but many do) as you start to face into what’s been stopping you getting to where you need to be.

Before the programme, please do book a discovery call with me.  The coaching relationship is vitally important and we should both feel that the relationship is a match before you book any sessions. 

The discovery call is completely free and lasts around 30 minutes.  At this session you and I will discuss why you feel coaching is right for you and why now is the right time.  You’ll discuss where you’d like the coaching to help you get to, and have the opportunity to ask your questions and have these answered.

This 6 month coaching programme requires an investment of:

£5000 or six monthly payments of £850 plus VAT for monthly coaching sessions


£10,000 or six payments of £1700 plus VAT for fortnightly coaching sessions

One Day Deep Dive 1:1

Live Online Coaching

This one day deep dive 1:1 coaching session does what it says on the tin, it's a deep dive to get you moving forward in whatever way you desire.

The day will consist of a number of high impact deep dive coaching conversations with some individual reflection time and at the end of the day you'll have the answers you came for (and more), plus a plan of action for the future.

HR leaders use this day for a number of reasons such as interview prep, career mapping, strategy design, breaking barriers, improving confidence or prepping for an important event.

It's your day, you bring the agenda and I'll help you reach it.

Do be prepared to be challenged.  Do be prepared to be taken out of your comfort zone.  Do be prepared for change.

This one day deep dive 1:1 requires an investment of £4500 plus VAT.

Rebellious Leadership - Blending Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Yoga

Alignment and balance from the outside in

Combining three of my favourite things, yoga, hypnotherapy and coaching, these sessions include relaxation, coaching and yoga to help you move, challenge, question and grow.

The Rebellious Leadership sessions work with your conscious mind (coaching), your subconscious mind (hypnotherapy) and your physical energy levels and body (yoga) for complete and total alignment as well as helping you focus in a completely new way.

As with all of the coaching I offer, there is no one size fits all approach.  You come with the topic for your coaching and the yoga and hypnotherapy will align to this topic for you.

You'll not only leave each session with your goals and actions from your coaching, but a personal yoga practice and relaxation practice to work on through the month to help you balance your energy levels, your thoughts and your goals.

Choose from fortnightly or monthly session and two or three hour sessions. Half of the session will be coaching and half will be yoga.

These sessions are in-person in Peterborough UK in my Cabin or held via Zoom for clients in different geographies.

This 6 month coaching programme requires an investment of:

£3300 or six monthly payments of £550 plus VAT for monthly coaching sessions


£6600 or six payments of £1100 plus VAT for fortnightly coaching sessions

The BIG One - For Leaders Seeking Transformation

Limited Places

This is the big one, there's really no other name for it.

We'll work together for one/two full day a month, giving you one to one space to grow, shape ideas and develop in ways you never thought possible.

This one requires a big time commitment and a big financial commitment and you've got to be really committed to your own growth if this one is to work for you.  We'll set the days in advance, and once set, this is the schedule we stick to.

Each of the days will include some deep dive and powerful coaching sessions broken up with some personal reflection time to allow you to process, evaluate and commit to taking action.

In between the sessions we'll have a power session of 30 minutes to ensure you stay on track, stay motivated and remain committed to yourself and your development.

I only work with a limited number of clients per year on this package and sessions are only held on Thursday's or Friday's. We keep the energy high, the questions powerful and the change big.

Your financial investment for this package is £48,000 plus VAT for monthly coaching sessions or £96,000 plus VAT for fortnightly coaching sessions. Payments can be made as an initial payment followed by monthly instalments.

If you're ready to significantly invest in your development with the big one, click the link to enquire about your discovery call and I'll look forward to speaking to you soon.


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