Executive Coaching

One to One Coaching for Professional Women

There is something magical about working with clients on a one to one basis, helping them to dig deep and achieve things that they never thought possible, and whatever your reason for looking for a coach, I'm confident I can help you get there.

I work globally with Professional Women via phone and Zoom, and provide one half-day coaching session, in-person, for The BIG One. If you’re ready to do things differently for yourself, your life, or your career, then get in touch.

I'm not for everyone though, and this is why I offer free discovery calls of up to 25 minutes.  The coaching relationship is vitally important, and if our values and energy aren't a match, it's unlikely you'll get to where you want to get to.  I work with clients who are excited about working with me, who look forward to our sessions, even though they may be dreading some of the questions, because, let's face it if you're not uncomfortable sometimes you're not growing and who know they are destined for something bigger.

So once you've taken a look at the coaching packages, and maybe read my Coaching Manifesto at the bottom of the page, book a Discovery Call to see if we're a fit, and if let's take it from there.

As a coach Kelly gives you support, compassion, humor and challenges you to be authentic, driven and resilient. At Jagex we have been seeing huge amounts of change as we grow and understand the impact of the current situation and as a HR team we are growing professionally and making changes to how we work, Kelly has supported me in leading this change, and also worked with my team to support us in developing ourselves and taking time to consider where we add true value. This has and continues to support us in getting where we want to and supports our studio, as there are learnings we get with Kelly that our stakeholders will benefit from too.

Emma Russell - Head of HR - Jagex

Coaching Packages

Short And Sweet

3 Month Intensive Coaching

As much as I love building long-lasting relationships with my clients, sometimes you don't need a long relationship, you need something short and sweet to help you with an immediate need or short-term hurdle to get you back on track or heading in the right direction.

Perhaps you're feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, or you need some help in planning your next steps.  Maybe you need to test some ideas out, or you just need some space to think out loud. Perhaps you want to go for that new role and need a bit of a confidence boost or you might have just started a new role and need someone impartial to talk about how to find your feet and make a big impact.

We'll start with an initial two-hour coaching relationship digging deep into your goals your desired outcomes from the relationship, and who you are at the core, and then have two further two hour sessions to get you to where you want to be.

Short and sweet!

Your investment for this coaching relationship is £5000 for the initial three months and then £750 a month thereafter for further 90 minutes sessions if you wanted to continue the relationship.

If this sounds like the type of support you could do with right now, then book your discovery call and see if we're a fit and we'll take it from there.

The Vision Builder

6 Month Coaching Relationship

This package is a favourite among many of my clients, as it gives them a boost, helps them to move in the right direction, increases their confidence and helps them set boundaries, meaning more time for themselves.

We'll work together for an initial 6 months, additional sessions can then be booked if needed, starting with a two hour deep dive into your goals, objectives, who you are, barriers to your success, and boundaries that you need to create to find the balance you want with five 90 minute sessions thereafter.

Clients choose this package to help with promotion opportunities, to improve working relationships, to increase confidence, and if they are feeling lost and confused and wanting a trusted and impartial person to help them through.

Your investment for this coaching relationship is £10,000 for the initial six months and then £750 a month thereafter for further 90 minutes sessions if you wanted to continue the relationship.

If this sounds like the package for you, book your discovery call now and let's see if we would be the right fit in working together.

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The BIG One

A Year Of Transformation and Growth

This is an initial 12 month one to one coaching relationship which starts with a half-day, face to face session at one of my favourite creative spaces in London.

This package is ideal for you if you have some long-term plans that you'd really like to focus your time and attention on.  Perhaps you've reached the top of your game and want someone confidential and impartial to help you continue to succeed now you're where you are.  Maybe you are starting off on a new venture and want someone to listen, a safe space to get creative, or you need some serious planning and reflection with someone from the outside.

We'll work together on the first session either from 8 am to 12 pm starting with breakfast and finishing with lunch, or 1 pm to 5 pm starting with lunch and finishing with a drink. 


Throughout the session you'll dig deep with some powerful coaching questions, you'll uncover barriers, you'll discover patterns, we'll get flip-charting and post-it noting (if that's even a thing), we'll stay energised, we'll make the most of the amazing refreshment facilities and you'll leave the session with the most amazing foundation on which to build on over the next 11 months.

We'll then work together for up to four hours each month.  This could be two, two-hour sessions, one four-hour session, or one 'formal' session and the rest of the time for ad-hoc as and when support, or weekly check-ins - it's your call.  And you may need different things at different points throughout the year and that's ok too.

Your investment for this package is £25,000 for the initial 12 months and then £1000 per month after that for two hours of support each month if you wished to continue with more coaching.

If you're ready for a year of transformation and growth, book your discovery call now, I'm looking forward to speaking with you.

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My Coaching Manifesto

My Coaching Manifesto At A Glance

  1. I coach from my core to help you lead from your core

  2. There’s no one size fits all approach – the coaching is unique to you

  3. We co-create a safe space for growth, development, exploration and discovery

  4. I courageously question so that you can courageously grow

  5. Together we break down barriers and help to create boundaries

  6. We dig deep, together

  7. We believe in truth

  8. There is power in unlearning

  9. You are enough

  10. I believe in you!

The Detailed Version

Core Led Leaders

I coach core led professional women who are making or who want to make a BIG impact in the world

There Is No Box

I deliver coaching that is tailored and appropriate for my clients.  I use powerful coaching combinations to provide a coaching experience with a difference. 

A Safe Space

The power of my coaching comes in part, from the safe space that we co-create. A safe space to share.  A safe space to think.  A safe space to be heard.  A safe space to grow.  A safe space for questions, answers, opportunities, discoveries and unlearning.

Being Enough

You are enough just as you are.  You may or may not believe that, but you will begin to believe this quickly if there is any doubt. 


Sometimes we don’t need to learn anything new, we just need to unlearn some of the things that have created or limited our thinking, actions or beliefs as they stand today.  So in addition to growth, you may also find yourself letting go and unlearning.

A Perfect Partnership

The perfect coaching partnership is built on trust and respect.  My in-built curiosity means that I question courageously and as a result, you’ll have the courage to answer.  We listen to each other.  We challenge and are challenged, and together we get you to and beyond where you’d like to be.  I’m a great coach because you’re a great client. There’s no one size fit all approach, there are no tick boxes, it’s all about YOU!

Barriers and Boundaries

Through powerful coaching, you’ll break down barriers that are holding you back whilst creating better boundaries for your life and work.  My boundaries are non-negotiable and soon yours will be too.

Deep Truth

In truth, you’ll dig deep.  You’ll have changed, developed and progressed each time we meet and because of this you’ll want to keep digging deep so that you can keep discovering and uncovering your truth