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Burnout Coaching  




Coaching with me can help you if ...

  • You're on the brink of, at, or coming through the other side of Burnout and you're wondering what's next
  • You're spinning all of the plates all of the time and you know that you're about to stop dropping them
  • You're running on empty, constantly, and you know that something needs to change
  • Your team are experiencing Burnout and you want to be able to support them even better
  • Your colleagues and peers are refusing to admit that Burnout exists and you need to decide on your next best step

Executive Burnout Coaching Packages

We'll work together to help you implement boundaries and change.

We'll identify what got you to where you are and what you need to do to change things.

You'll get clear on who you are, and what you want.

And you'll create your life and your success your way.

We'll work together over the phone or via Zoom starting with a two-hour deep dive session where we'll focus on uncovering your true self, and then 90 minutes a month for the duration of the coaching relationship.

3-month Coaching Relationship - £3000.00 plus VAT

6-month Coaching Relationship - £6000.00 plus VAT 

12-month Coaching Relationship - £12000.00 plus VAT

Can be payable in monthly instalments

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"As a coach Kelly gives you support, compassion, humor and challenges you to be authentic, driven and resilient. At Jagex we have been seeing huge amounts of change as we grow and understand the impact of the current situation and as a HR team we are growing professionally and making changes to how we work, Kelly has supported me in leading this change, and also worked with my team to support us in developing ourselves and taking time to consider where we add true value. This has and continues to support us in getting where we want to and supports our studio, as there are learnings we get with Kelly that our stakeholders will benefit from too."

Emma Russell

"Kelly is an excellent coach, manager and leader. She worked hard to develop me personally and professionally, always challenging me in a supportive, coaching environment. I enjoyed working with kelly very much, she brings people together and builds strong, supportive teams and networks."

Dan Hardaker
VP People

"Her insight into issues you are having is almost instantaneous and she has helped me find my own solutions to a number of decisions that I needed to make both personally and in my business. I would highly recommend her and I am looking forward to attending a number of her courses in the future."

Charron Pugsley-Hill

"Kelly is a superb coach. She is insightful, pragmatic, rebellious and funny. She quickly gets to the heart of an issue and supports you in finding a solution that works for you. It's brilliant to work with such an excellent coach and definitely worth the investment in your personal development. I would highly recommend Kelly."

Maria Hawley
HR Director

"I've worked with Coaches for years, I'm grateful that my company assigns one to us as part of our development. What I hadn't realised until I started working with Kelly is just how completely life-changing coaching can be. More of my peers want to work with her now too. "

Abi James
Senior Partner

"I'd been following Kelly for about five years and always found her to be inspiring, but I never thought I'd need to work with her. But, when I chose to, everything changed. And I've quit my job after 20 years to work out what's next, and I couldn't be more appreciative of her help, support, guidance, and tough questions - she knows how to get to the root of the issue for sure."

Ashleigh R.
Currently on Sabbatical

"You meet Kelly, you're instantly inspired, and then you choose her as your coach, and at first, it's like being hit by a train, if that's ever possible in a good way! She's no messing, straight talking, cut to the issue, dog like a bone, doesn't give up until you're honest with yourself, and oh my goodness does this make you sit up and take notice. But when you've really learned where you've been your worst enemy, does it give you the space and freedom to let it all out, to breathe and to get that arse moving. Just WOW!"

Laura W.
HR Director

"I was skeptical. I've worked with coaches, I've been assigned coaches, and I've grown bored of coaches. It was the same old same old, little progress, and a waste of my time. My Director then said I could choose my own coach and gave me a budget. I spoke to three coaches, and Kelly was instantly the one. I look forward to our sessions, I look forward to the changes I'll make, and I always love the responses I receive when I send her some good news. Everyone needs a Kelly."

Kerry T.
Accounts Executive

Why coach with me?

I've been in the Leadership and People space for 25 years and during that time I've led and managed teams of three to 73 in various sectors.

I've worked with and for, supported, coached, and transformed Boards, Execs, HR Leaders, and their teams in start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, corporates, and national and global companies and I've managed and led multi-million-pound budgets and projects and I grew my own people and change consultancy to a multiple six-figure business before leaving it to start Kelly Swingler Ltd.

Unlike a lot of coaches, I've trained and qualified in Executive Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Neuroscience, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Somatics, Ayurveda, and Anatomy and Physiology as well as my BSc in Psychology and my MSc in Organisational Change and Development to help me understand more about stress, Burnout, how the brain works and why we think and feel the way we do so that I can help you to be all that you can be.

BUT, more than any of this, when you work with me, I'm the confidential, impartial confidante who will support you, listen to you, understand you, and challenge you.  I know what it takes to be a happy, healthy, and high-performing Leader, and I know what YOU give as a Leader which is why I'm here for you!

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