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More and more, the global organisations that are creating psychologically safe workplaces that prioritise people over profit and wellbeing over working yourself to death, are the ones that are outperforming those that don't.

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Keynote Talks

Book me to talk to your teams about my experience of Burnout, Breakthrough and Beyond as well as providing hints, tips and tools to help them banish burnout and live a stress-less life.

Executive Coaching

Group and individual coaching for senior leaders in the organisation who are ready to connect to their core and discover the leader within. 

Workshops and Programmes

Since 2014 I've been delivering corporate workshops to help you create psychologically safe workplaces.

Whether you want a one-hour, half-day or full-day workshop or something more long-term like a programme or retreat, I've got you covered.  And, new for 2022, was my Stress-Less for Success 2-day accelerator that could give you exactly what you need.

Click here for full details on the accelerator or get in touch to talk about your needs and how I can help. and to book your two-day accelerator

Advisory Services

I work with Exec, C-Suites, and Boards advising them on how to create healthier places to work.  I'm not talking about yoga classes and free fruit Fridays, but observing, advising, and supporting you in identifying unhealthy behaviours and ways of working that lead to toxicity in the workplace, which leads to stress and ultimately burnout.  First-line managers are often your biggest blocks, but the reasons for that often sit with the most senior team, and so in order to help you, I need to know that you're open to change. 

To find out how I can help you to banish burnout, email the team at [email protected] or book a call with Kelly.

Clients Include

"Kelly was an absolute pleasure to work with. Although there were lockdown restrictions, Kelly was able to quickly understand the strategy, culture and feel of our business, to enable her to build four experiential L&D modules. Each module included a suite of different learning materials to support our line manager population. I would highly recommend Kelly due to her professionalism and high energy. I look forward to working with Kelly again in the future. "

Kate Humphreys
HR Director - Bunzl

"Kelly’s values, project management skills, wealth of knowledge and experience ensured that we were successful in delivering our project to time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Kelly and have no doubt that Walsingham Support will be working together on other organisational development projects with Kelly in the future."

Paul Snell
Chief Executive - Walsingham Support

"Kelly brings together her experience as an HR Director and her vast knowledge of psychology, business coaching, and life. This gives her the ability to cut through the problems and get to the solution thus enabling her clients to reach their goals quickly and effectively. I have seen Kelly speaking at a number of events and her skill of delivering not just a talk but more importantly delivering messages that really land with the audience, making all her talks interactive, engaging, informative and enjoyable."

Gary Johannes
Co-Founder Mental Health In The Workplace

"Kelly is inspirational, determined and delivers. Don't work with Kelly unless you really want to achieve your outcomes or dreams as she will not let you give up. No-nonsense, strategic, and a pleasure to work with.Thanks Kelly. "

Jo Thresher
Founder, Better With Money - Financial Education

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