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Frazzled The Podcast

Frazzled The Podcast

Hosted by: Kelly Swingler

I'm Kelly, a recovering perfectionist workaholic, overachiever and high-performer who burned out not once, but twice, and I'm on a mission to Banish Burnout! Frazzled is for those of you that find yourselves...

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Is Resisting Rest Leaving You FRAZZLED?

I recently had to have a word with myself. Even with all I know about the need to rest, how to prevent Burnout, how to stop exhaustion and fatigue, and how to reduce stress, I've been stuck with a bug for almost four...
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We all need stress!

We're coming to a time of the year when stress rises, tempers fray, and for some, it all feels too much. All of the marketers have of course caught onto this, and they are offering you a stress-free life. So you spend...
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Is Life Clutter Leaving You FRAZZLED?

How many decisions are you making a day because of the life clutter surrounding you? How much time and energy is life clutter stealing from you? If your decisions were reduced could you increase your attention,...
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Forcing Time!

"Our people don't have time" "What do you say to all of the people who can't find the time to put themselves first?" I hear these things a lot, and now I have just one response and whilst it may hit pretty hard, it's...
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No Apologies!

How often do you apologise for putting yourself first? How often do you make apologies to the people that matter most? I've been MIA for a couple of weeks, and I'm sorry I've not been around. But I'm not sorry for...
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Could letting go leave you less FRAZZLED?

In this episode I'm sharing what I've let go of, even stuff that I love, to help me feel less FRAZZLED and a lot more fabulous. Enjoy!   #BurnoutPrevention #Empowerment #Choices
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People Pleasing Leaving You FRAZZLED?

Is your need to please people all of the time adding to your stress? What if I told you that people pleasing, isn't actually about wanting to please others, but it's about you feeling validated and wanted? What if,...
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Are Your Values Leaving You Feeling FRAZZLED?

Aha Mic drop Lightbulb moment Epiphany Today, I have realised for the first time in my life, that my company, does not need to have my own personal values. And more specifically, my own business does not need to have...
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Confessions from a Yoga Retreat

I've been away from home for 12 days, and I have five days left on retreat, in the sun, in the quiet, facing the seas from the mountains, where I'm fed and pampered daily. Sounds wonderful right? And for the most...
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What you want isn't always what you need!

I'm in Kerala on my annual yoga retreat, and this episode comes as a result of not getting what I asked for the childish strop that materialised, and the learning and calm that followed. Sometimes in not getting what...
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What I Do To Look After Myself

This episode has been recorded at the request of one of my regular listeners and I'm delighted to have been able to record this for them. I share what I do to look after myself and how I create balance in my...
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Birthday Reflections And The Wheel Of Life

This year to help me start a new (birth) year, I had a mammoth day of reflections, 6 hours of journalling and planning. And in this episode, I'm sharing the questions I asked, the two wheels of life and work, and some...
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