Frazzled The Podcast

Frazzled The Podcast

Hosted by: Kelly Swingler

I'm Kelly, a recovering perfectionist workaholic, overachiever and high-performer who burned out not once, but twice, and I'm on a mission to Banish Burnout! Frazzled is for those of you that find yourselves...

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Time Management - Yawn!

So many people that I speak to want to be better at managing their time, or just hope that some extra time will jump into their diary, but what if how you run your day, isn't actually about your time, but your...
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The Law of Attraction

In this episode, I share with you why it's important to be an active participant in your life rather than a passive one if you want to live a happier and healthier life. Life may certainly be different if we could all...
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Frazzled The Podcast - Introduction

Hi, I'm Kelly! In this short intro I share why I'm launching Frazzled, what you might expect from future episodes, and share a very unexpected topic that I'll be talking to you about in Episode 1. I'd love for you to...
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