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Frazzled The Podcast

Frazzled The Podcast

Hosted by: Kelly Swingler

I'm Kelly, a recovering perfectionist workaholic, overachiever and high-performer who burned out not once, but twice, and I'm on a mission to Banish Burnout! Frazzled is for those of you that find yourselves...

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Who were you before the world told you who you couldn't be?

How much time and energy are you wasting, trying to be who you're not? How often do you dull your sparkle so that you don't make others feel bad? How often do you stop yourself from saying or doing what you want...
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It ain't what you do its the way that you do it!

Inspired by the greatest hits of the '80's this week I'm talking to you about why it's not what you do that matters, but the way that you do it that counts. And, how by doing things differently and in a way that works...
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8 Truths About Life That Are Easy To Miss

In this episode, I'm talking about 8 truths about life that are easy to miss, AND that could be leaving you feeling FRAZZLED, burned out, and exhausted. As our stress levels rise, we start to compare ourselves even...
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The One Where I Stopped Drinking

This isn't a ploy to get you to stop drinking alcohol, but I share with you in this episode what happened when I stopped focusing on what I was losing by quitting drinking, and instead focused on what I would gain, by...
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Is Comparison Leaving You FRAZZLED?

Comparison can add to our stress, make us push harder, and leave us feeling unworthy, and whilst a little bit of healthy competition is good for us all, it's not when it starts to impact our health. The incredible...
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Who are your support acts?

Who do you have supporting you? How do they raise your energy? How do they make you look good? Are you taking centre stage in your own life? And how do you ensure that your energy levels are always a priority? I'm...
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Do you create time in your day, week, month, or year to reflect? Time to look back or to plan forward? How often do you just keep going, with no real clue as to whether what you're doing is actually the right thing,...
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Time and Energy

"It will only take you 10 minutes" The time it takes to do the thing, isn't always right is it? Because what about the planning, the preparation, the thought, the distractions, and everything else that goes on around...
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Let's Talk Perfection

Many of us wear the perfectionist badge proudly, for years, but what if striving for perfection is leading us to Burnout? The quest for perfection is largely driven by fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of not...
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Resilience vs Numbing

This week I'm exploring resilience. So many organisations are focused on building resilience, but what does it really mean and can we measure its effectiveness? Do our numbing and avoidance techniques help us build...
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What if ...?

What if, you stopped worrying about the future and focused on the now? What if you let yourself play and experiment instead of worrying about failing? What if you allowed yourself to be less FRAZZLED and to focus more...
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Be Here Now

It's Mental Health Awareness and the focus this year is on anxiety. So let's talk this week about anxiety, and how we can bring awareness to the things that increase anxiety, and what to do to reduce and decrease...
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