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Weekends: Rest, Recharge or Recovery?

burnout coaching hr Nov 05, 2023

What do you use your weekends for?

Rest, recharge, or recovery?

In the months and years leading up to my Burnout, weekends were about recovering from the work week that had been, and then just like a wind-up toy, I’d pop back into action, back into robot mode for the next week.

And like clockwork, I could tell you when I’d crash during my Christmas break, once I’d been the hostess with the mostess for family and friends for three days.

And not forgetting my summer holidays where I’d ended up with ‘flu’ aching and unable to move, but I forced myself to have fun with my family so that I didn’t disappoint them.

During the lead-up to Burnout, the stress is what keeps you going. 

The good old primitive brain and the fight/flight response keep you moving to try and keep you safe.

In the days of hunter-gatherers, you wouldn’t sit down and have a break and a picnic with your friends whilst surrounded by wild animals, you’d be eaten alive, and this same survival response is what is keeping you going. 

Except this time you’re not on red alert because of wild animals, this time it’s:
🔴 Bills
🔴 Shopping
🔴 Emails
🔴 Meetings
🔴 Projects 
🔴 Goals
🔴 School runs
🔴 Housework
🔴 Deadlines
🔴 Comparisonitis
🔴 Social media
🔴 Constant notifications 
🔴 Conversations etc.

And none of these are actually a threat, but our response is the same, and our stress keeps us moving, and in fear of the ‘what if’.

What if:
🔥 I get fired
🔥 I’m not good enough
🔥 I fail
🔥 I was a fraud all along
🔥 Nobody likes me
🔥 I can’t find another job
🔥 It’s all been a fluke
🔥 I let people down
🔥 I’m the only one that can do this
🔥 It’s wrong

And the what ifs grow the stress that fuels the fire that pushes you harder that ends up with Burnout.

And when that happens, a few days off are not going to fix it.

You’ll need BIG changes, lots of rest, a lot of reflection, and some big shifts to get you back on the road to recovery.

And I’m proof that there is life after Burnout, a fabulous life in fact.

BUT, I’d rather help you to create the life and career that you love, BEFORE Burnout. 

Because Burnout sucks. 

I’m living with three life-long health conditions as a result of my Burnout. And I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was when my second Burnout almost led me to end my life.

I want better for you. I want different for you. 

And that’s why I do what I do. Because on my watch, I don’t want anyone to experience the pain, suffering, and challenges that I did.

I want to help you to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing life, YOUR way! 

The way we are working isn’t working, and I want to help you to change that.

So if every weekend is about your recovery, it’s time for change.

Are you ready? 


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