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Is Comparison Leaving You FRAZZLED?

Comparison can add to our stress, make us push harder, and leave us feeling unworthy, and whilst a little bit of healthy competition is good for us all, it's not when it starts to impact our health.

The incredible Jamie Kern Lima is launching her second book WORTHY later this year, I've pre-ordered it and I can't wait to read it, PLUS a ton of bonus goodies.

A second book, also called WORTHY is being released later this year. It popped up on my social feed this weekend, and it's written by Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Two awesome women, two awesome books, same title.

And whilst there may have been an 'oh sh!t' moment when both publishers saw the names were the same - I am 100% confident that neither of these women saw this as unhealthy competition, and in many ways, it could actually boost sales of both books.

Many of us might though have seen our 'competition' do something we want to do, and immediately stopped, panicked, or worried that the 'other' will be better than us.

It doesn't have to be this way! I will support everyone who does similar things to me because I know it's needed, and I know I'm not for everyone.

PLUS, only I can deliver my stuff, my way. My people will work with me, and the people who are meant to work with others in my lane will work with other people.

I don't need to stress about what others are doing, I just need to do me.

And you can do the same.

I'm talking about this, and more, in the latest episode of FRAZZLED



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