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Welcome to the 2024 BIG Burnout Conversation!!

Conversations To Banish Burnout


Let's change that!

Myself and Michelle Hartley are co-hosting the BIG Burnout Conversation.

Following the success of the 2023 #ThisIsBurnout campaign, this year we are doubling our efforts and going BIGGER and better.

And we want YOU to get involved!

3 Ways That You Can Get Involved

1. Share your pic and your burnout experience story on your social channels using #TheBIGBurnoutConversation, and tag me @KellySwingler so that jointly we can raise awareness and take steps to prevent burnout.

2. Download the campaign images below and share them on your social channels, tagging @MichelleHartley and #TheBIGBurnoutConversation

3. Share the BIG Burnout Conversation podcast and videos as you see them on our feeds throughout the week.

Together, we can start the Burnout Prevention Revolution and make burnout a thing of the past.

Catch Up Here!

Listen to the podcast and watch the video replays here


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