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You’re close to, at or coming through Burnout.

You don’t know up from down.

You’re struggling to make a decision.

Everyone around you is telling you what to do and none of it feels right.

But you know you can’t carry on like you are.  And you’ve ended up here.

I get it.

I’ve been there.

I see you.

And I’m here for you.

Client Love

"What can I say about Kelly - she is a bit of legend! I had a very difficult period at work and time with her constantly gave me perspective, tools and confidence. She worked to support me, in the way that I needed it, she came with huge day to day work understanding, but also a huge amount of human understanding to. I have made some great decisions for me over the coming months and she hasn't made them, but her support helped me understand me in the workplace better, what I needed and didn't need and how I could get it. My poster review would be -Awesome five stars!" Paul McKenzie

"Kelly is an excellent coach who mentored and guided me to a new level of personal development. I had ‘managed’ for many years, but had not yet focused on leadership. When I first engaged Kelly's help, I was working in an management role and was considering aiming for the position of CEO.

Kelly’s style is very consistent and empowering, which worked perfectly for me. She has a way of working that teases out confidence and hidden skills.

Having never used a coach before, I initially assumed that I would be working with an adviser, but what I got was much more. What Kelly has exceptional skill to do, is help to see things in a different light, I became focused on the personal and professional changes that I needed to make to become more effective and start making leadership decisions.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kelly to others and believe that she has the ability to work with individuals at all levels to bring them on in their personal development. I will certainly be using her again in the future!" Rachel Morris

Why Work With Me?

I could list all of my skills, qualifications and experience, but if you want to read all of that you’ll find it here.

I’ll just say this, I’ve reached Burnout twice.

The first time was as a result of toxic workplace, the second was as a result of thinking I’d recovered from Burnout No. 1 and not actually making any changes.

After Burnout No.1, I received a call to tell me that my replacement had died in her sleep whilst away on a leadership residential. 

Two days later I received a call to tell me I’d been the fourth HRD to become seriously ill in that organisation.

My solution?

Study, qualify, learn and research everything I could about stress and work.  Live it, breathe it, eat it, sleep it, indulge in it, and not make any changes to my own life.  Because my focus was STILL on helping everyone else first.

My first Burnout had made me seriously ill, so ill that I had to have two operations in 48 hours for two serious conditions.  My second Burnout almost killed me.

It was then that I really made the change.

You see like you, I didn’t think I was stressed.

I thought I could do it all.

I thought all of the pressure was just part of the job and 8 promotions in 7 years - yes, I climbed that ladder like a Gladiator on the travelator!

And the closer I got to Burnout, the less care I took of myself.

As a result, I’m living with three lifelong health conditions.

I want different for you.

I want better for you.

You are the reason I do what I do.

If you think we’re a fit, I’d love to help you Banish Burnout.


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