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I’ve been in your shoes, and the fact that you’re here, right now, tells me that you’re at Burnout, close to Burnout, or so frustrated by your HR role that you’re considering jacking it all in because you’re done with running on empty.

HR is an amazing role.

It can also be really lonely, and isolating and challenging, and there’s nothing to love about being ignored, undervalued, underappreciated and undersupported, in fact, it sucks.

I’d take a BIG fat guess and say that you’ve been watching me from afar for ages, thinking that Burnout will never happen to you, thinking you can solve everything on your own, and that now you’re here, admitting defeat, you’re perhaps feeling like a failure.

Because you’re HR, you’re meant to be able to do it all, with a smile on your face, and never moan, and never grumble, and never ask for help right?


Firstly you are NOT a failure. 

So get those thoughts out of your head right now.

Secondly, because you are HR, you cannot do it all alone.  Coaching, support and development are a MUST, not a nice to have.

Coaches have coaches, therapists have therapists, leaders have leaders, doctors have doctors, teachers have teachers. 

Your support squad are a vital ingredient for your healthy and sustainable success.

Client Love

"I had been following Kelly Swingler for years on social media, and then I heard her give a keynote speech at an HR conference last year in Edinburgh, which blew me away.

I felt that everything Kelly shared on stage, on social media and in her books was about me. I had also experienced serious ill-health and burnout in the past but dealt with it on my own, which was really challenging, I wasn’t even sure if I had fully recovered, to be honest!

As an HR Director, it was difficult to admit that I was struggling, there was so much going on for me that I felt my wheels might come off again and I didn’t want to go back there. I reached out to Kelly for Coaching sessions, and I am so glad I did.

Kelly gets me, she gets it, she knows what to ask and what to say to help me reset and my first 2-hour session with her was a 1 million times better than any prescription a Doctor can give. I was absolutely buzzing!

Kelly helped me to understand better how chronic stress was affecting me and how I had to put my needs and wants first. She made me accept that this was the key to me being a happier, healthier person and that this was not only okay but necessary.

We worked through ‘my stuff’ helping me to see things more clearly and accept the things I cannot change but make the change with the things I could.

We smashed it! We agreed on what I needed to do and why, we have written the coach's prescription together to get me back on track and she will hold me accountable!

Every senior leader should have a Kelly!

Thank you, Kelly you have been my rock!" Sarah Bickerstaff

Why Work With Me?

I could list all of my skills, qualifications and experience, talk about my in-house career, and everything I’ve achieved since leaving corporate, but if you want all of that you can read it here.

I’ll simply say this. 

I get you.

I see you.

I’ve been in your shoes. 

I’ve got more than just the T-shirt, I’ve got the entire wardrobe.

And I don’t want you to end up where I did, because it sucks.  I think what hit harder was that I went through my challenges alone (mostly, other than one coach I found as I was leaving corporate).

My first Burnout made me seriously ill and my second nearly killed me.  When I received the call to tell me that my replacement had died, followed two days later by another call to tell me I’d been the fourth HRD to become seriously ill in that organisation, I knew something needed to change.

The CIPD were about as useless as chocolate teapot and with nothing that I could see to support HR, I created it myself.  That was back in 2014.  And I’m still here, doing this work, for you.

I'm the number one name when it comes to Burnout in HR for a reason.

And if I sound like a fit for you, I'd love to work with you.


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