Where Are You?

Uncategorized May 23, 2020
We are in a time of the unknown, a time of change, a time of unrest and a time of opportunity, we know this.
But one thing is for sure, whilst we can all say 'we are in this together', and we are, the reality is that we will be having different experiences and different feelings.
I shared on my LinkedIn feed a couple of weeks ago some questions to help your team open up more about how they are feeling and where they may be on the change curve, and today, I wanted to bring you back to this.
Without a shadow of a doubt, we are in a time of change, forced change, and isolation.
Some of us are doing this surrounded by kids and family, some of us are doing this in total isolation. Some of us are doing this in the sun, some of us in the rain. Some of us are doing this in large houses with gardens, some of us in small flats or bedsits. Some of us are doing this with money in the bank, some of us are losing everything we have worked for. Some of us...
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1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020
We may have all seen the five ways to wellbeing on paper, on posters or on intranets in our offices or in workshops. We refer to them in our Mental Wellbeing for HR workshop and I talked about them on Tuesday in a webinar for the PWN where I shared my experiences with burnout.
I'm used to working from home, but I'm rubbish at following 'orders'. At the minute I can still go the gym - social distancing at it's best and as much hand sanitiser as you want. But when I'm told that I need to stay home, my anxiety will rise. I know this, and so I'm trying o mitigate it as much as possible, and you can too.
Now, probably more than ever, the 5 ways to wellbeing can help us with our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. So what are the five ways and how can we bring them to life?
1. Connect
We may need to be more creative in how we are connecting, but we can still connect. At The Chrysalis Crew we are continuing with our weekly Zoom's, we are meeting regularly...
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Are You Hiding?

Uncategorized Feb 29, 2020
In my teens I could hide behind my clothes, my teenage attitude as I got a bit older cigarettes and alcohol.
As I progressed in my career I could at time hide behind my job title, my 'status' and my salary.
As I started Chrysalis I could hide behind the brand of the Chrysalis Crew.
Now I don't mean hidden as in hiding away, but it took me many years before I got comfortable being seen as me. No job title, no status, no cigarettes and alcohol just me.
Inexcusably, unapologetically me.
I remember one night in my late teens, I was out with a group of friends, some of whom had gone to the bar, some were playing pool and the group at the bar had asked if I'd look afer the table as was their round. It was busy Friday night, the table surrounded by coats and chairs, but there I sat. On my own. And by the time it took anyone to come back to the table, I'd smoked three cigarettes. Because behind the smoke I was 'invisible'. Just the...
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Can You Put A Price On Wellbeing? (and what's the cost if you do?)

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020
Today I’m back in the office after two days of workshops for two different clients in London. My energy needed to be high to ensure I held the space and asked the right questions to help the groups reach their outcomes. I needed to be rested and I needed to ensure I was in the right headspace.
I commuted to London daily for years, and travel a lot for work, but as I learn more about my personal energy, wellbeing and effectiveness, I made the choice to stay in London overnight.
On Tuesday I was up at 5:30 to be on the 7am train. I booked a first class ticket to ensure firstly that I got a seat, and secondly to make sure I was in a quiet carriage.
On Tuesday night I stayed at a hotel a stone’s throw away from Wednesday’s venue, and paid more for the privilege.
And on Wednesday evening I travelled home first class, again to ensure a seat and some quiet reflection time so that I could be present with my family...
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Uncategorized Dec 17, 2019
Back in 2009 when it came to replacing the annual performance review process with something more engaging, it took me three attempts to get the Board on board despite it being welcomed by a number of managers - 10 years later the new process has contributed to increased engagement, improved customer service and greatly improved productivity.
In 2011 it took me four months to get the Board to see that some of the projects being led by a top four consultancy were not aligned with our values or culture or right for our people - four months later the projects were realigned to our vision.
It took me six months to get all members of the crew on side with the design and delivery of our Coaching Cards and H.O.T (Honest, Open and Transparent) Conversation Cards - not because they didn't think they would work, but because they didn't believe anyone would actually buy them, we've now sold hundreds of both.
I have lots more examples of where I've had to...
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Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019
The very first client I worked with when I started @TheChrysalisCrew was a leading Housing Association in London. They were struggling with gaining buy-in with their People Strategy and asked me if I could help. At first glance the strategy was long, complicated and not easy to see how it would be delivered or what the outcomes would be. I worked with them, I spoke to different people from across the business and the replacement strategy was approved first time.
The feedback was "simple, effective and actionable", music to my ears. The outcomes of which were people who were much more engaged and recognised for their efforts. They went on to win several awards and accreditations the year after and we worked with them on a few more projects.
A few years ago we worked with an NHS Trust on simplifying and redefining their behaviours. What was seven pages of words in tables stuck on walls in training rooms became a diagram of three circles with more detail if you...
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I Didn't Want To Be A 'Coach'

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2019
To be clear, it's not that I don't love to coach, I do. It drives me, it gets me out of bed in the morning, it gives me purpose and I absolutely LOVE seeing the value that my clients get and the changes that they are able to make. So I love TO coach. I just didn't like the name.
I'm a Coach.
The world and his/her wife are coaches. Everyone you speak to seems to be coach at the moment, and yet not a lot can differentiate what makes them different, how they actually help the growth of they clients or what their USP is.
I've met property coaches, social media coaches, beauty coaches, lifestyle coaches, life coaches, nutrition coaches, knitting coaches (yes really) and relationship coaches. Then you have professional coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, sport coaches, personal coaches, running coaches and empowerment coaches. You have speaking coaches, music coaches, voice coaches, management coaches, team coaches, leadership coaches and board...
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Why You Should Burn The Handbook

burnout leadership Feb 28, 2019
Watch me speaking at the very first Reward Gateway #EnExSummit on why you should burn the handbook if you want your people to love what you do.
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How To Avoid Burnout

burnout Feb 19, 2019
This is one talk I'm asked to do over and over again, each time is different, but the message remains the same.
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